“Victimization of Shincheonji amid COVID-19 is unjust… Chairman Man Hee Lee is an immense contributor to the world peace”

“Victimization of Shincheonji amid COVID-19 is unjust… Chairman Man Hee Lee is an immense contributor to the world peace”

미국 힌두교 성직자 니크힐 트라베디(Nikhil N. Trivedi). ⓒ천지일보 2020.6.24
미국 힌두교 성직자 니크힐 트라베디(Nikhil N. Trivedi). ⓒ천지일보 2020.6.24

Nikhil N. Trivedi, Hindu priest in U.S.

“Fortunate to have Chairman Man Hee Lee in an era of hypocrisy and contention”

“An innocent 90-year-old man has already asked for forgiveness; all charges must be withdrawn”

(한국어 기사) “코로나에 희생된 신천지 비난은 불공평… 이만희 총회장, 전쟁종식 세계평화에 많은 기여”

[Cheonji Daily = Reporter Lee Som] Recent criticism of religious leaders around the world is growing in light of Daegu City’s civil lawsuit of up to 100 billion won against Shincheonji church and Chairman Man Hee Lee.

Nikhil N. Trivedi, who is a Hindu priest in the U.S,stressed during an online interview with Cheonji Daily on 24th that “Victimization of Shincheonji amid COVID-19 is unjust. All charges must be withdrawn.”

Mr. Trivedi said “I come from a Hindu background. I had the chance to cultivate an intense interest in the world's greatest religion, Christianity. I have attended Chairman Man Hee Lee's discourses in America as well as in South Korea.”

Recalling one special impression made by Chairman Lee, he also said, “I do not understand the Korean language but I have understood him because he is preaching God's message from the bottom of his heart.” He added, “It is insulting to prove it by law.”

Mr. Trivedi announced that the 100 billion won lawsuit recently filed against Shincheonji is unjust, emphasizing that the origins of COVID-19are from China.

Mr. Trivedi pointed out, “The coronavirus existed in China long before they tested positive anywhere else. It is totally unfair to blame his church for spreading the deadly virus throughout the region when his own church members were victimized.”

Mr. Trivedi continued on, saying, “It is my strongest appeal that since an innocent man of 90 years of age has already asked for forgiveness for any wrongdoing, the authority in charge should trust him, show gestures of mercy towards him and leave him alone by dropping all the charges.”

Chairman Man Hee Lee of Shincheonji, who has contributed immensely to the global cessation of wars and achievement of sustainable peace as stated by Mr. Trivedi, is a veteran of the Korean War and will turn 90 this year. He also participated in the most intense Battle of White Horse.

Having witnessed the deaths of countless comrades at that time, he said, “I made a pledge that I would work for a world of peace, without war, to leave as a legacy to future generations.” His agonizing experiences became fuel for ‘A movement towardsthe cessation of wars and achievement of world peace’.

(사)하늘문화세계평화광복 이만희 대표가 지난 2014년 1월 24~25일 민다나오섬을 방문, 약 40년간 분쟁이 이어진 가톨릭-이슬람 갈등의 중재를 이끌어내 평화협정을 체결했다. ⓒ천지일보DB
(사)하늘문화세계평화광복 이만희 대표가 지난 2014년 1월 24~25일 민다나오섬을 방문, 약 40년간 분쟁이 이어진 가톨릭-이슬람 갈등의 중재를 이끌어내 평화협정을 체결했다. ⓒ천지일보DB

On January 24 2014, when he was 84 years old, his sincere toil for peace bore a miracle result as a peace agreement was reached between Catholics and Muslims in Mindanao, Philippines, which was a battle of pouring bullets. Mindanao experienced a loss of over 120,000 lives during a bloody 40-year conflict.

In an interview with Cheonji Daily, PTV reporter Elizabeth Kachin, who had reported at the scene of the miraculous Mindanao peace agreement said, “People in Mindanao who are tired of 40-year conflicts knew the difference between politicians and representative Man Hee Lee who came for only peace. A peace agreement was accomplished because it was HWPL and Chairman Man Hee Lee.”

After 4 years of constant negotiations, on August 6, 2018 the agreement resulted in the establishment of Islamic self-governance, which was the longing desire of the people of Mindanao. The ‘HWPL Peace Monument’ was erected at the base camp of the Islamic army MILF in Mindanao where a civil peace agreement had been accomplished through Chairman Man Hee Lee.

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