“Chairman Lee Man-hee is a pride of South Korea”
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“Chairman Lee Man-hee is a pride of South Korea”

Sheikh Musa Drammeh

"Shincheonji Facing a Lawsuit Shocks Religious Leaders Abroad"

The news of Shincheonji being sued "shall have repercussions through the religious world"

"Chairman Lee Man-hee is a champion of religious freedom and peaceful coexistence"

Sheikh Musa Drammeh (Source: website of American Friends of Combatants for Peace).
Sheikh Musa Drammeh

(한국어 기사) (원문보기)☞ “신천지 피소, 각국 종교지도자 충격… 이만희 총회장은 한국의 자랑”

[Cheonji Daily = Reporter Lee Som] Hearing the news that Shincheonji Church of Jesus and its chairman, Lee Man-hee, became the subject of a coronavirus-related civil lawsuit seeking 100 billion won in damages on the 22nd, religious leaders abroad have started to express shock and concern.

One religious leader, Sheikh Musa Drammeh, called it an "adverse action" in an email interview with Cheonji Daily News on the 23rd. Mr. Drammeh is the chairman of the Islamic Center of North America.

"The news of Chairman Lee and Shincheonji are being singled out and blamed for COVID-19 spread and sued is deeply concerning to all faith leaders who valued freedom of religion and the protection of human rights," said Mr. Drammeh. "This adverse action shall have chilling repercussions through the religious world."

"Chairman Lee has been known worldwide as a champion of tolerance, nonviolence, religious freedom, and peaceful coexistence among all peoples," he continued. "We are therefore asking the government of South Korea to treat the case against Chairman Lee with the highest regard due to his international position as a unifying leader towards a more peaceful world."

"He is a pride of South Korea in the eyes of faith leaders all over the world. As a result, it would be very disappointing to see any case against him to move forward. We hope and pray that he will be free to continue with his noble peace-building and religious initiatives unfettered," said Mr. Drammeh.

Meanwhile, around 4,000 members of the Daegu Church of Shincheonji who have recovered from COVID-19 have decided to donate their blood plasma. While it is difficult to find plasma donors, Shincheonji members' donations are expected to speed up the development of coronavirus treatments.

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