[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] A New Government with Integration and Communication, Hopefully It’s ‘Not a Dagger Behind the Smiles’…

It has been 2 weeks since President Moons administration has taken power, and all the people of this nation look extremely satisfied than any of other previous governments so far. Even those people in the opposition have no reason to be against President Moon as this is helping people to believe in the trust of this government this amount of support from the people is unprecedented. It is amazing to see such maturity of the Korean peoples democratic consciousness relative to other neighboring nations as they have been the main protagonists in overcoming all the hardships such as monopolization of state affairs and impeachments, and in selecting a president in such quick amount of time for the stable of the nation. This is the capability of the Korean people. The thing is that even the leaders of the global superpowers are hanging by the thread as Trump could be on the verge of impeachment himself as well as Xi Jinping who maintains power with anxiety, and not to forget Abe who is extending his time as a leader not by the support from his own people, but in fact by depending on the power of the foreign powers. Even President Putin of Russia is encountering difficult reality as both diplomatic and military situation make it uneasy for him to handle on a daily basis. This is the reason why both North Korea and all other neighboring superpowers are afraid of the capabilities of South Korea, and its new leader who has the utmost support from his own people. What is more powerful than military means is the trust of its own people, and with this it is only possible to become more efficient to handle matters and issues globally wisely. In this perspective, it could be regarded that South Korea is in an advantageous position relative to those nations of the United States, China, Japan and others in terms of military, diplomacy and economics as South Korea plans to discuss matters with all of these countries step by step. Now the key is to monitor how long this support and trust of the people will be maintained towards the current government. Previous governments (President Park and President Lee) failed despite a bright start, just like the current one. There could be many reasons, but the main reason is that they were obsessed in erasing the previous governments deeds. They were only focused on the achievements of their plans, rather than the happiness of the people which was in fact betrayal towards the people. This is why there must be constitutional amendments, and the current administration must not forget that this is the core reason why todays people of Korea are in full support of the current regime. The main concern though is the extent of the speed; too much is as bad as too little. We all fear that all of the plans are being pushed to be achieved in the current administration that forces the policy makers and leaders to erase the past that would then naturally lead them to be arrogant and to retaliate those who opposed in the past. Why does it feel that the current governments slogan Communication and Integration is already so far past behind? Erasing previous governments achievements all these vicious circle needs to be broken once and for all, and without such, only those people of the nation will be the innocent victims. Republic of Korea is owned by the people of the nations, and the political leaders must take an account that the people of the nation are the heaven of the nation. They must not manipulate for their own advantageous by utilizing the popularity of the people on a temporary basis. Upon the 8th anniversary and commemoration of the death of former President Roh Moo-Hyun, it was ordered by the current president to investigate Four Major Rivers.Coincidence or not former President Park was walking into the court with her hands in cuffs- in contrast to where the current management was attending the glorious ceremony. Why would such glory and humiliation exist at the same time that could potentially divide the people into two factions once again? It is not easy to comprehend why would a newly-elected president not stand by his promise, which was to accept even those people how have opposed during the campaign. It is confusing as one of the people whether or not such communication and integration is actually being implemented behind the smiling faces it could even be their own communication and their own integration one thing to note though is that this shall not be their own party. This period of time that we live in today requires a leader with big minds who can even embrace those oppositions. There is one thing that we are not aware, or perhaps we have completely been oblivious about. Republic of Korea has been in poverty, even more than Somalia of today. This nation needed the most basic food to sustain its existence a few decades ago. When life got better, then came the needs for policies and a better world to live in hence, democracy. This was the reasonable path back then. Right or wrong wrong history is part of the history that no-one could amend by going back. Its just that one must learn from such wrongful past and never again conduct similar mistakes again going forward. The next thing we have to take is to understand and forgive those in the wrongful paths and to start from scratch. This is the true virtue which the new leader needs to implement, and a true communication and integration indeed. Elimination and retaliation will only bring more of those each and every time when a new regime steps in we wait for a wise administration and a president to act accordingly. v:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} w:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} .shape {behavior:url(#default#VML);} ▶한국어버전: [천지일보 시론] 소통과 통합으로 시작된 새 정부, 미소 뒤에 숨은 비수가 아니기를

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] President Moon Jae-In,‘Reformation and Unification’ Domestically, ‘Korean Peninsula Doctrine on the International Affairs’

Korea is writing history without an accident. The 19th presidential election ended with Moon Jae-Ins victory after all the close attention worldwide. Now, Korea needs to go forward united altogether the ship, Korea, has a new captain with Mr. Moon Jae-In. This is democracy, and a destiny which all the people of such nation needs to accept with maturity regardless of the different opinions and differences a genuine unification and reformation. Let us look back and evaluate what this election meant to everyone involved. The overall election poll rose by 1.4% relative to the previous 18th presidential election that ended with 77.2%. This number is rather lower than one expected since the macro environment such as impeachment and many others certainly led people to think that the actual election poll should have been higher. Perhaps it could be taken to a fact that such difficult situation in this turmoil has led people to abandon its voting right? Yes, it could have been an expression by the people of the nation that renouncing the vote itself was an actual anguish in other words, this indirectly signified that the people werent sure who the right candidate to lead this country was. This isnt an article to support those people, who have abandoned the voting rights, as being the writer myself, was not entirely convinced whom to vote until the last minute. They say that election is the flower of democracy, and therefore, is a duty and obligation to submit and accept to the ultimate result. However one should not forget that this does not entirely mean the solution to democracy because election is simply one of the tools in selecting the leader of the nation. Thereupon, the winner must accept the result with humbleness, and must not forget his or her youthful times when the candidate was a challenger to be elected as a president meaning that the new president must not become arrogant after all. Let the new president not forget that perhaps a different candidate could have been a better fit to this job, and therefore, the president needs to take this position with humble and graceful attitude. The new president must not deceive the people with the promises he has shown during the presidential campaign. There could be a potential concern thatthe transition team could neglect the process of transition of power in a gradual manner. Therefore it is imperative for President Moon to quickly set up his own cabinet that matches his philosophy for efficient leadership of the country. Furthermore, he must solve immediate issues one at a time with priorities to be resolved. In the meantime, the most priority would be to unify the divided people into one those of the far right conservative people to the left reformists. President Moon has received the most votes, but on the contrary has also received the most opposition votes at the same time, and therefore needs a unified nation with one people. It must be known that neglecting the laws stated under the constitution such as separating religion from politics, manipulation of power by the prosecutors in a wrongful way and many others will have a catastrophic result should this current administration continue as with ex-President Parks cabinet. Thereupon, this administration needs abide by the law and constitution, yet show the most efficient leadership in this difficult circumstance. This 19th presidential election has been watched by the world. Choi Soon-Shils manipulation, impeachment of ex-President Park Geun-Hye, and the complicated international affairs of the Korean peninsula it was a victory of the Korean people in showing the world how the people always overcome the hardships and challenges. The writer requests for a Korean Doctrine to overcome such complicated domestic and international affairs so that the nation truly stands up with dignity. ▶한국어버전: [천지일보 시론] 文在寅 대통령, 안으로는 개혁과 통합 밖으로는 한반도 독트린

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] To Select a Right Leader Who Would Lead At The Most Critical Stage of Era

The time is quickly moving on as presidential election takes place within a week. Who will be the president in other words, what characteristics does this president need to possess to qualify as one? All the people of this nation will be thinking of this question very deeply ever since the corruption saga of last year. The polls of survey which showed that Will Vote is over 90% simply show such will of the people. It must be taken into the fact that such 90% of polls is not surprising anymore as the people of the nation needed to impeach its own president, whom they have selected by themselves on the previous election something that the people of the nation wants to avoid from now on and going forward. What exactly does this leader needs to be then? In principle, the leader can be found from the virtue of a true noble person. Thereupon, Confucius has always claimed that a leader needs to possess three important characteristics(君子三面). A leader must have honor with dignity and be warm-hearted in that dignity together. And within that dignity and warmness, the leader must be practical and be ready with rational-thinking process in all he or she undergoes with in order to persuade the people, and so that the people also truly understand and trust what the leader is to implement with, Thereupon, a true leader with virtue forms. If our nation was called as a nation with virtue, why not we wait and hope for a genuine leader with dignity in this unsettled times? Beyond the simple fundamental issues, who is the ideal candidate to lead the nation in this complex world with diverse problems? Not only to wisely solve the complicated domestic and foreign affairs, but also to help overcome all of these troubles in this unpredictable times. It is imperative than any other times of a true leader who could provide solutions of all of these unsolvable issues related to the crisis in the Korean peninsula. It will be worth noting to quickly glance at the bright candidates. Note that there arent exactly the candidates who fit the above-mentioned categories maybe this is the reason behind why the votes of 20% which simply wont move. Some candidates would assert for unification, however triggering division in some way for his or her advantage, and some candidates dont have the exact philosophies to implement his or her style of leadership from the first place. Some has knowledge, however without wisdom, and some has extreme ideology that doesnt fit into the correct leadership to lead the nation appropriately. Now the people of the nation themselves need to volunteer to become the eyes in monitoring the new leader, who will have a very heavy responsibility in solving issues such as the relationship with North Korea, unemployment crisis domestically, international and foreign affairs, complicated relationships between prosecutor office and the press as well as the religious leaders, and whom to hire in his or her cabinet in order to endure all the hardships going forward. The reality of this nation with uncertainties and anxieties both in and out there needs to be work done to unite the people domestically and to overcome all the issues externally as soon as possible. How are we to compare this era! It would be like a rugby ball as it bounces without any real prediction all the time, and it sure is as all these candidates are acting as one! Perhaps in this confused timing, such situation is making in place,and this rugby ball is similar to Don Quixote and like an audio frequency tuning to adjust to the unpredictable political leaders. The calculated request by the US government on the cost of THAAD was certainly much unexpected (the price was bigger than one expected), and both the Korean government and its people lost their balances in even standing up straight from an ambush punch. This obviously is an aim to raise the cost towards the South Korean government as to regards to military spending, but also to guide Korea to import more of American weapons as a result of this. The willingness to amend or even stop the Korea-US FTA negotiations are clearly an approach to put pressure on Korea in both importing American goods and weapons, but also to implement Trumps presidential election pledge- Americanism. Reading from an article Is America really our ally?,Trumps political methods have no real directions that the whole world in full alert to monitor what exactly what he wants to do ultimately. And he continues to comment with mockery that it is not necessary to monitor Trump as he himself is the rugby ball. However, it there is a rugby ball in the West, there is another in the East Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Trumps strange poker games actually do not implement effectively into this North Korean dictator as Trump proves that as he recently stated This North Korean guy is a pretty smart cookie. For this very reason, the 19th presidential election is extremely important as the new leader has to take the Korean ship on a right direction in a safe hand. The presidents are ultimately selected by the heaven, but let us not forget that the heaven is actually the people and that these people are the protagonists in leading the future of our nation. ▶한국어버전: [천지일보 시론] 가장 복잡하고 중요한 시대를 이끌어 갈 지도자를 뽑아야 한다 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=421894

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] The World Without Prejudice and Discrimination Starts From Myself

There is a big controversy yet again in todays headline news. Region to region, and class to class the discrimination never seems to end as animosity towards each other is certainly dividing the nation into two and what is worse, this negative attitude is now towards innocent foreigners in the country. A man in the 60s is under investigation from the police authority over alleged of calling all sorts of names as well as physical brawl against a Colombian in Pusan who was in the process of helping to protect a child from a car accident. This incident got viral as Mr. Reo Mendoza (43), who has lived in Korea ever since 2001, has publicized on the 31st through Facebook by pleading for unfair treatment to all the followers To all the foreigners living in Korea: Be alert from being arrested without any caution!!. Mr. Mendoza and his Korean wife have witnessed a case where a child almost got into a car accident in Pusan on the 30th after completing their shopping at a Mall nearby. Mrs. Mendoza has screamed as an ignorant car driver has missed to see a child, who has quickly run on the way to the car, and fortunately that has helped to avoid an actual accident. However, the real problem occurred afterwards as Mr. Mendoza has given a well-meant advice to the childs mother in a poor Korean language. That has brought a childs grandfather who has cursed back to Mr. Mendoza to leave the spot as it is none of his business from the first place. In the end, Mr. Mendoza has been pushed by physically and also been pressed to the ground by force. Mrs. Mendozas mobile has been taken away by the childs mother as the phone has been taking filming such violence conduct on the process ultimately, Mrs. Mendoza has reported to the police as the childs grandfather did not stop to swear at the Mendozas. Something that is loss for words happened at a police station the childs grandfather has mistaken Mr. Mendoza to be a Polish person living in Korea and has in multiple times sworn a Polish bastard, and further learning that he was from Colombia, the grandfather has pursued further personal attacks a Colombia bastard who is more third-world than Poland. With all this, the Mendoza family has officially requested to the police for help of refraining from racial indiscrimination. However, the reply from the police was more shocking that any others imagined. They have replied that Mr. Mendoza was not called as a negro and thus was not considered a racial indiscrimination, and even asked the Mendoza family to agree on the troubleshooting with the childs grandfather. After the incident, Mr. Mendoza himself has shared on the 3rd through his Facebook account that The Chief of Pusan Yeonjae Police Station has called Mr. Mendoza himself to apologize, and promised to educate his fellow police officers to protect the human rights of the foreigners living in Pusan. Similar cases are occurring all around the country similar to what Mr. Mendoza had to go through, which is truly embarrassing in this global environment where we Koreans treat people different depending on their appearances and nationalities. We must admit and acknowledge such negative attitudes, and must change from now on. Such present conditions are so widespread across the society that it just covers up the genuine democratic movements of candlelight rallies. It sure is not correct to judge those people who have entered into this country to earn for their livings as we have gone through the same paths in the United States several decades ago. One should never forget the past and history, and discriminate those people which clearly contradict the philosophy and views of our lives as well then. Even if such incidents are not experienced by one, he or she must understand the others by imagining to be in their shoes compassion is needed at the end of the day for the humanity after all. It is not possible to get a respect from others and vice versa. In order to do so, one must open ones heard first of all, and treat others with open hearts without discrimination. Above others, adults with responsibility must change and reform so that the next generation witnesses and follow with example. Those old habits and thoughts are difficult to be reformed in one day however, for the better future as to regards to everyone involved in the society and community these thoughts and traditions can be reformed with strong conviction of labor at the end of the day; and that would have to start from myself. ▶한국어버전: [천지일보 시론] 편견과 차별 없는 세상, 나로부터 시작된다 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=416275

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] The World Trapped In The Contradiction of ’Evil’, Finding The Right Path

The fate of a nation hangs by a thread. This is todays reality, but there are no real leaders nor are there any good people. Creating the people with two different ideologies, and those people who take such occasion as a good thing and not willing to unify into one good group who is to say that there is a good true leader and its people? Who has created the world in which people take false teachings as true and vice versa? The root of such cause lies in religion, and religion needed to be separated from politics after all. The reason for this is because religion is the teaching from the heaven whereas those teachings of the world are merely from the earth. These two should have never been mixed together, and since they are done so artificially, the sins and crimes are held in a bitter grudge against the heaven for sure. Let us look at the present times. Despite the humanity trying its best to improve for the advancement of the human race, all these have now become in vain as there seems to be no truth and faithfulness. Instead, the world we live in today is now all filled with evil and wickedness. It seems that without false conducts and lies, surviving in this world is impossible. To make matters worse, evil bears evil in which people have naturally become accustomed to wickedness as a natural foundation. The corrupted religions and philosophies of these are the key reasons in bringing todays emergency situations. Perhaps there are minorities of righteousness and people who have the right conscience which help sustain in the most minimum way that is truly regrettable of all. For that reason these small amount of people will do their best to start from scratch. As spoken over the generations about the good triumphing over the evil, it has now become the core philosophy today by casting away the evil and pursuing the good. To elaborate, even if the evil dominates world predominantly, the good will prevail ultimately. As there is an expression that good comes with the bad, in order for the good to prevail, the evil must take part and play its role to the fullest initially. With this, the world can wait for the good and peace, and this has always been the intention of the Creator himself. A Confucian during the Chosun Dynasty Era, Nam Sa-Go, has stated in his prophecy, There comes an era when one will go past by, while a new one enters to replace and hence a nice season, a great season. Furthermore, as all the creations have been waiting for such great season, this is not a wish and a hope of an individual, but of all the things in this planet that has been created by the Creator himself. This will be strong evidence that all the creations have not been under the true guidance of the Creator yet. To further realize is that the reason for the era that is ending is due to its corruption, and that is because of the greed and arrogance after all. Therefore, a new religion that is selected by the Creator was needed to replace this corrupted society, and this was all prophesized by Nam Sa-Go himself long centuries ago. The Lord Creator has been sending this specific message through various sources and routes from both the West and East, and it is the mission of all readers to truly realize that it is time to be aware of such, at least from today. However one shall not forget the fact that despite all the promises for a great new era, there exist pain and suffering as a base. It will be challenging and requires much collateral of torturing. However, with all these hardships comes victory and hope for recovery ultimately. ▶한국어버전: [천지일보 시론] 惡이라는 모순의 마술에 걸린 지구촌, 어디로 가야 하나 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=414689

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] Autonomous Diplomacy is Key in Preventing From Further Violation of Korean Foreign Policy

US Secretary of State Rex Tilersons statement Japan is our most important ally, and South Korea is an important partner is causingmuch controversy as the South Korean administrators find themselves in a very awkward situation after all the strong commitments to the relation with the US despite putting up with severe economic retaliations from the Chinese government. This has been the result ever since the Trump administration took over from Obama, and Mr. Tilerson proved that Japan is foremost the priority to the US government. What is the reason why history repeats itself, but in a negative way today, as ever since the WWII during the Potsdam Conference - Japan which is responsible for such crime was in fact the beneficiary as the Korean peninsula was divided into two without any good cause. Furthermore, Mr. Tilersons visit to Beijing, which was initially anticipated to deal with issues on THAAD and Economic Retaliation on South Korea, turned out to discuss on matters of Relations between China and the US. Of course they could have had a private discussion considering these were sensitive issues which might hugely impact across the region, and perhaps thats the reason why official comments were unavailable. Note that there werent any hints nor any discussions in advance on such sensitive issues despite the fact South Korea is the center of the issue this definitely proves that Korean diplomacy is violated, and furthermore, foreign relations are truly left empty without competitiveness. Complacency and bureaucracy are the natural causes of such result, and not to forget the arrogant attitude in taking these environments without seriousness which is another reason for all of this. Wallowed in flunkeyism, the Korean governments failure to deal with the US and Chinese pragmatically, again has resulted in such humiliation. Without any doubt, the government officials need both the spirit of sacrifice for the country and the wisdom of pragmatism as far as foreign policy is concerned this is the exact reason why Chae-Ho Shins words shall not be ignored There is no future for the nation and race who neglects its own history. The loss of the autonomy today is no different from a century ago when the Korean Empire weighed between Russia and Japanese Empire that has ended in a disaster.To make matters worse, the humiliating foreign policy has directly led to the worst-ever relation with North Korea an overall emergency to the foreign affairs itself. The country needs a cool-headed wise foreign policy in this complicated environment, and in order to do so, the country needs to see the big picture first.An apathetic attitude of the government officials will for sure end in the destruction of the country, which is far more horrific than the foreign invasion. The world is under ultra-nationalism and protectionism where many wish to return back to the old days of selfishness, and our government officials simply do not comprehend such transformations from far away. A fight due to internal affairs such as the impeachment is indirectly signifying a weakness of our nations policy affairs, and the strong neighboring countries are tapping and testing the foreign affairs on a constant basis. Finance Minister Yoo Il-Ho left a clich that our government is doing all it can do appropriately without a problem when asked by the reporters on the anticipated retaliation from China regarding THAAD. When things turned out the other way, he quickly contacted the director of finance of China for talks, which of course was turned down without a surprise. Foreign Minister Byung-Se Yun has also been declined by Rex Tilerson himself for dinner meeting, which is just so deplorable and pathetic for our nation. Despite the historic candlelight vigil that has brought down the corrupted government in the most peaceful and democratic matter that has brought worldwide attention and even a thing to be learned, the genuine revolution is yet to take place as these incompetent government officials are bringing much shame on the country. A real revolution would only take place when a new vision and hope is suggested with the right philosophy at the same time. If that is not the case, then the same-old internal fight for power and money will only bring the nation into shame and the sacrifice of the Korean people. Todays reality in the foreign affairs is only evidence that this nation has not even stepped forward in a right path. The ages of rival warlords, as the words say When in a hurry, take the long way around, the administrators need to step back aside and monitor the situation with a cold-hearted spectacle. This nation needs to step back and re-evaluate its national and foreign policy after learning a lesson Mr. Tilersons visit in the region for 5 days has certainly delivered a message that Korea is going on a wrong direction. It will need to adopt the right policy, proactively stick with the appropriate philosophy once it is applied, and become a true independent nation with dignity. We should not be reliant like an innocent child to both an unpredictable Mr. Trump and Kim Jong-Un in order to preserve autonomy and the independence of the nation. ▶한국어버전: [천지일보 시론] 유린당하는 한국 외교, 자주적 외교가 최선의 방책 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=413228

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] The Never-Changing Justice and Truth Opens and Replaces the Corrupted Era

Time flows and it has so without any specific reason. Is it that the provision of this world is operated without any cause? It seems that this world does not realize as it is in a state of deep sleep, and it is the role of religion to let the world know of this. Thereupon, whenever the declining years enter in, it has been told from each of those respective scriptures that those people selected would have the roles to tell the world to wake up, and to realize where they are today. There might be many religions out there today, but let us have a deep dive into Christianity amongst them. Note that regardless of how brilliant the detail of the scripture might be, it will not be significant if the true meaning of the scripture is not known. The Bible states phrases such as end of the world, getting in of the grain and end of an era this specifically means there is a beginning and the end of a specific era, and more in detail would mean the beginning and end of the 6,000 years of Lord Creators history. Then why exactly does one era come to a close after all? It is the responsibility of the Bible, and furthermore, the role of religion to help the people realize this question. Both the religion and scripture has been provided so that the humanity learns from the past history of each generation and eras destruction, which would help them avoid such similar consequences.This is the real objective of the way or religion. Religion is not merely a way of letting people know to live fairly or to live happily. Then what exactly does As were the days of Noah mean?Sins came into this world when Adam has betrayed Gods promise, and God has selected the righteous Noah and his family to judge the corrupted Adams world by the Deluge hence the Noachian deluge. With this, the so-called Adams era has ended that marked the beginning of Noahs era. However just like Adams Noah, Moses after Gods promised with Abraham, and even the world of Jesus all the promises with God has been broken down as stated from the Bible. And after Jesus Christs ascension into Heaven, another new promise with God was the Revelation that was shown to Apostle John, and this Revelation is a prophecy that was shown to John by vision which shall happen in this earth in the end of a religious era. The Revelation, which is becoming into a reality today, happens to be just as mentioned above As were the days of Noah. Back in the times of Noahwhen people actually all died in flesh from the flood, todays world is in the form of spirits. Meaning that should persondrink sea water then he or she would certainly die from it, all the believers in religion would also certainly die, in spirits though, if they accept those preaches of words not from the Heaven, but from the sea or the pastors of the earth. This is the reality of religion today. Likening to those era of Noah when people did not give ear to Noahs cautions that the Flood will happen as peoples hardened minds were existent, it is identical today as people equally do not have the capability to discern the spirits correctly. For that, As were the days of Noah is again the phrase that is used and because of this, the phrase He who has ears, let him give ear is applied as well. Then what exactly is the era today? 98 years ago from today, the 33 religious leaders have announced the Declaration of Independence at the Pagoda Park in Seoul. However in fact, the hidden meaning of the Declaration was the Freedom and Independence of Religion from the lies of those words of Satan and that true God who is the creator of the Heaven and Earth will restore back the Kingdom ultimately. March 14, 1984 was the day when the universe has returned back to tis spot exactly in 3,600 years. Henceit is a year of Heaven opening up its gate. This was the date when the prophecy has been realized on this earth, and has been 33 years already. However, the world has always been busy without noticing such wonders, just like 2,000 years ago when BC has transformed into AD as the world is in a deep sleep. A new era of religion has opened as the corrupted era has passed away. Strictly speaking, it is not the religion that has ended, but it conveys the message that it is the end of the corrupted religious leaders and their believers, and that the true and new religion has taken its place in this new period of time. And that the role of this new religion is to recover the true humanity, and to make the world in peace and in order. The newly approached era is not by the humans, but by the articulate plans of the Creator himself the people in this world must participate in the new work being processed. This is the truth and justice of the new work. ▶한국어버전:[천지일보 시론] 萬古不變의 진리와 정의는 부패한 시대 끝내고 새 시대 여는 것 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=411852

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] “Does Spring Come Along At The Taken Field?”

The poem by Sangwha Lee Does spring come along at the taken away field? a poem published in 1926, which was in fact a poem of resistance that was written to express sorrow of our nations status at the time during the Japanese Imperialism. The poets words taken away field points out the reality in contrast to spring which is a symbol of hope, hence, more emphasis on depression rather than the liberation of the country. However, this negative message was for the strong wish for freedom rather than continuous depression. On the threshold of spring, the feeling of that poem 90 years ago is back today. The divided nation after liberation and even more, the divided people within this nation brings suspicion whether that spring is really coming. What is more frightening is to lose true identity and philosophy rather than losing the nation itself. The current political situation suggests for impeachment of the President. Such happenings are bringing two divided people out on the street every Saturdays as all the politicians as well as religious leaders are using such circumstances to express their opinions for their advantages. People of this nation are becoming tired and somehow even getting accustomed to these things happenings around. Whichever they stand for or stand against, only ones side is right and correct whereas the opposite side is always wrong and must be accused. Come to see it more in detail, it merely is a strong opposition between extreme conservatism and progressive, but the people of the nation are taken as hostages on these bizarre conflicts. Innocent people are trapped in the coming spring time with these useless antagonisms. Spring is life and hope, but the reality we face today is a living hell it would be a blessing if such pain is a dream after all. What does conservatism mean? It would mean many things, but the most important one would probably be to preserve current nations system and the constitutional order. Above all though, would be to continue grow for the people and the nation for pure reasons. What does then progressive mean? It means to reform the current systems negative elements for better world. It would be difficult to define which one of the two is correct as both values have not been implemented yet. Security and Reform are in fact a double-edged sword, but note that depending on market circumstances, either one of the two sides could be applied. This is the pure reason why one must abandon the idea of extreme hatred just because one stands in one others way. Progressive and Conservatism what we need to find is the moderation between the two ideas amongst the confusion. Then what exactly is this moderation? Our nation has from long tradition has taken the knowledge that right had is the correct hand. And with this, the culture has negatively thought of the other that values the left-hand sides. Hence, the symbol of Right meant Correctness. However, one must not ignore the other side of the coin as right exists just as left does as well. In other words, right can only genuinely be evaluated as right should it embrace left hence, having an objective mindset. This provides a good lesson in that one should be careful to not be a prisoner of being obsessed with conservatism and progressivisms since moderation is a genuine conservatism right or left, what is correct is correct and vice versa. If my side is wrong is forgiven whereas the other sides correct opinion is always wrong this is not moderation or objective because that is simply not truthful from the beginning. A nation where justice is alive, and truth governs the nation then the people with the correct thoughts and philosophies will embrace the genuine spring. ▶한국어버전:[천지일보 시론] 빼앗긴 들에도 봄은 오는가? http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=410381

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] Taegeukgi Wants To Head the Roar of That Great Day

In March 1st 1919, Taegeukgi (national flag of Korea) covered the Korean peninsula all day asthe Koreansstormed out in public crying for independence of Korea from the Imperial Japanese regime wave after wave. The Imperial Japanese soldiers coped with such situation with rifles and swords as this certainly showed a threat not only to the peaceful movement in the Korean peninsula, but also in the Far East. Although the Imperial Japanese outwardly expressed for peace, it was in fact contrast internally as theyve imprisoned all the people who have participated in the peaceful movement. How many of those taken prisoners can you count? If we lived during that era, would we have the same courage to do the same as those who have sacrificed for this nation? It is not easy done than being said. The 1919 Independence Movement happened exactly 98 years ago from today, and in 2 years, when we welcome the 100 anniversary of the movement, the same questions which arise in my mind What if it was myself never fades away from my thoughts as such negative situation is happening today here in Korea. It gives much thoughts with different feelings compared to 98 years ago as the Taegeukgi is around the whole nation today, just like 98 years ago on the same very day. Taegeukgi is both the symbol of this nation and the Korean people, and maybe that is exactly why we Koreans become sentimental when this flag is in place overseas. Whenever Taegeukgi stands at major events such as the Olympics, one feels a lump on the throat because of the historical feelings of all sorts of history which is not easy to describe in words in the first place. For that reason, Taegeukgi surely is the symbol of patriotism and love for the people. That Taegeukgi, though, is in crisis at the moment as there are people abusing the national flag for their own advantages on the streets, and with such environment, the use of the Taegeukgi itself is being misunderstood even for the innocents. Some parts of the local government face troubles these days despite the campaigns which are intentionally aiming to continue the spirit of independence in a positive way simply because Taegeukgi offers a negative perspective, a complete misunderstanding. Take the 25th of last month as an example at Cheongdam-dong in Gangnam. The Head of the Cheongdam-dong was providing Taegeukgi to citizens on the street with innocent intentions, but was accused on public as he was taken to be considered as one of those protestors at Taegeukgi Protest simply because he was holding and providing the national flag which the Taegeukgi Protest people are doing in the hope of holding the impeachment of President Park away. As is the timing, holding the national flag at this stage is not surprising to be considered as one of those. It is truly embarrassing to witness the fact that holding the national flag for good values would be viewed with a prejudice despite all the historical significance since the Imperial Japanese era. If that is so, why would Gwangju Metropolitan City actually cancel a project in providing the national flag for free even when the objective was actually to commemorate the Independence Movement? It is not just and right for the national flag to be abused by a certain individual or group for their own advantageous. This performance by the lawyer standing on behalf of the President does not convey a message or a good significance whatsoever. Taegeukgi is not an instrument for indulgence nor is it for political propaganda. It is a profanity to use the national flag for their own use, as this has always been protected by our own forefathers blood throughout the history.The national flag being used with yellow ribbons or any candlelight with its symbols simply cant be used as a feast regardless of the intentions of anyone. We simply would like to ask to those abusing the national flag if they truly have desperate minds of our forefathers who have strongly hold the Taegeukgi for independence during the hardship. Taegeukgi only functions as a light when it is used by its own people from hands to hearts sincerely. We all wish Taegeukgi to be used as an instrument for peace of humanity instead of a propaganda elsewhere. ▶한국어버전: [천지일보 시론] 태극기는 어제의 그 함성을 듣고 싶어 한다 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=408981

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] A Hero in a Turbulent Age, A Leader with True Leadership and Nobility

The Ship Republic of Korea, this ship is in the verge of wreckage after all the rainstorm. To make matters worse, the captain of the ship is reported missing, and taking such advantage, the sailors are in fight amongst themselves asserting for captaincy of the ship. The passengers of the ship are in total chaos after all the touting by the sailors. It seems these sailors are not particularly interested in collecting productive consensus to save the ship and the passengers, but instead in how to obtain power and wealth. They have no people and the country in their hearts. Let us turn back to history. Ever since the liberation, what is the core reason why Korea has not been unified? Both the United States and Soviet Union decided to set up respective governments in the north and south for an objective to establish for their own advantages, hence the trusteeship. The trusteeship has brought a strong division between the two Koreans one who fervently supported for it were the communists as they believed would facilitate in establishing the regime, whereas the rights were opposed to such idea from the first place. Who would have predicted for such division from that first moment? Even though the period is very different, the result of division is no different today as we see. Impeachment versus Non-Impeachment that has replaced Trusteeship versus Non-Trusteeship. An extremely volatile international affair plus the uncertain domestic situation in the Korean peninsula are just two of the basic concerns within the nation as the politicians and leaders of all departments are accustomed in pursuing their own greed that has given the people of the nation a big headache ultimately. Then what is the virtue of a new leadership to take place for the sinking ship of Republic of Korea? That would be the patriotic mindset of a leader who truly is concerned of his or her country, and has the ability to understand rationally on the realities which are taking place internationally as well as domestically. Not to forget the willingness to sacrifice as a leader for his or her people of the nation. Congressman Yoo-Chul of Lliberty Korea Party has released a press conference on the 11th to stated that The Republic of Korea is being divided into two and is urging for further candlelight rallies or Taegeukgi assemblies. And also suggested for Ruling-Opposition Summits so that there is an actual consensus on all the issues involved. Whatever the motives for such suggestion, it comes on a perfect timing. Despite the proudly history of Korea, this country has always been under civil wars for years, and continuously is under the same circumstances. The new leaders must be representing in the correct manner, and as there is a phrase The worst violence is discrimination, prejudice and subjection will divide the nation into two ultimately. Some politicians have acted wrongfully that theyve used public sentiments to criticize others without the correct facts. These actions are barbaric and even treacherous to ones country. For which side would a true leader stand for? It would be only for his or her nation and the people, and for justice and righteousness, and for peace and agreement. Then would that leader be able to bring forward the people together in unity for the bright future and vision of the nation. Korea has always been famous for being a nation of noble. Confucius has officially proclaimed the noble man to be the most ideal person in the universe, to be respected. Noble man must fear the Heaven, and his own people like the Heaven. The people are thus the Heaven to a true leader in essence. The Three Faces (君子三面) of the noble man is described by Confucius as follows. He must first be dignified, and must possess kind love, gentleness and mercies. Furthermore, must be wise with good rational and be logical and persuasive as a person. A road that is difficult to reach, that narrow road where the noble person overcomes day and night who wouldnt want to follow that leader after all? This is why all the people today are searching for a true leader like the above-mentioned noble man as a leader. A man without an order, but who acts as a good example by the actions a true leader and people will genuinely follow him naturally. A hero is born in this turbulent age. Where would be a leader with The Three Faces after all? For this reason, we all await like a magnolia which has overcome this cold winter for a super-natural person in a white horse. 한국어버전:[천지일보 시론] 난세에 나타날 영웅, 君子의 덕목과 지도력을 갖춘 지도자 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=406181

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] Obtaining Wisdom from Gyeryong Mountain and Songni Mountain

Who has created the universe?According to a song Missing Mountain Geumgang by poet, Sang-Euk Han, A beautiful crystal mountain created by whom are the lyrics of the song. Thus, as recorded in the Bible The builder of all things is God, One of the creations and the most beautiful Mountain Geumgang is surely created by the God the Creator himself. Although God has created all the things in this universe with their own respective significances and meanings, as clearly stated in the Bible that For from the first making of the world, those things of God which the eye is unable to see, that is, his eternal power and existence, are fully made clear, he having given the knowledge of them through the things which he has made, so that men have no reason for wrongdoing, all the things without exceptions are instruments which God uses to help realize the Creators intention ultimately. Greryong Mountain (845m) exists in Chungcheongnam-do Province, and as there are meanings embeddedin all of the names of both humans and places, then what would be the true and hidden meaning of this mountain created by the God who is not being able to be seen from the humans eyes? Establishing a new country, Chosun Dynasty, King Taejo Lee Sung-Gye needed a new capital city, and thus, his mental mentor High Monk Moohak has even advised Greyong Mountain to the King for the new capital no wonder this mountain is a holy place and as a result of it is a place where all the religions are now located in. One thing to closely note is the true meaning of its name: Greryong Mountain. The background of this mountains name is because of its appearance the peak of the mountain looks very similar to a dragon that wears the comb of a chicken hence,Greryong Mountain(鷄龍山). There is a certain reason to why there are two different spirits in Heaven:Holy Spirit and Evil Spirit. Long story short, There are two sides in the Spirits God the Creator and his angels versus the Evil Satan and his angels hence Good and Evil and the Holy Spirit and Evil Spirit. The chicken as stated in the Bible Again and again would I have taken your children to myself as a bird takes her young ones under her wings, and you would not! means the people of God, whereas the Dragon is an existence that opposes God who has seduced Eve in the Garden of Eden, thus the snake in Genesis, as stated in the Bible And he took the dragon, the old snake, which is the Evil One and Satan. The slightesthint from the hidden meaning of Greryong Mountain, as one can realize, is the chosen people by God who are compared to the chicken, whereas this mountain is being co-existed with those people who are part of the Evil Satan that has always opposed to the God Creator.Greryong Mountain is truly a mountain of prophecy in a sense that in this particular place co-exists both the Good and Evil, and the chosen people along with the people of the Evil that announces the advent of such real events in the future in a certain specific place at a time. Then what exactly is the situation behind such co-existence from the first place?This answer is well provided by the Bible, in particular from the Revelation (the conclusion of the Bible itself). The Revelation is the ultimate prophecy in terms of religion at end of the world, and such prophecy will eventually take into full effects as recorded in the Bible.The advent of the chosen people of God will take place in the Revelation who will have covenants with God accordingly.However they will be corrupted and break the covenants eventually, in which God will use the organizations of the Evil to judge the corrupted chosen people. With this, the chosen people of God will be surrounded and be captured by the people of Satan so Greryong Mountain fulfills such promise by having these two organizations being co-existed in the same location. There is a phrase - convulsions of nature the chosen people of God has become part of the Evil ones, and that an event occurred which absolutely should not happen. This applies to an event where the chosen people of God has broken the promise with the Creator, and has done crimes in the eyes of God, and hence, become exterminated by the aliens ultimately.The distinction between the chosen people and alien people is in fact amongst the nations within the believers in other words, the people who are the so-called Christians today. For that reason, Bible explains clearly the distinction between the two sides. Good is the God, whereas Evil is the False God, who has always acted as if a true God, and everyone has to be aware of such facts. This False God is the Dragon which is forced down to earth by God as recorded in the Revelation And the great dragon was forced down, the old snake, who is named the Evil One and Satan, by whom all the earth is turned from the right away. This is the reason why all the believers in faith must know the distinction between Good and Evil. In any case, it is not the real intention of God to have the chosen people to be captured and be destroyed by the Dragon. As there is an event for destroying, and so is an event of salvation from destruction.This is the reasoning of all things in this universe. Songni Mountain is the one that prophets the history of salvation in the future amongst all the created universe. Since the people of God have become traitorous, they have become captured by the people of the sea (the corrupted religious world) and Songni Mountains meaning itself provides a true message that all the people captured in the sea must escape away from that organization.The hidden identity of Songni Mountain is the location of salvation where all the nations and people must search for at end of the world. To elaborate, it is the one person who overcomes the evils at Greryong Mountain (not this mountain itself, but a different location compared to this mountain in terms of meanings), and this person who overcomes along with his followers together are the location where the salvation exists in this universe.Gods intention to give salvation to the entire humanity with the promised flows of fulfillment, God has clearly sent a message to all the things in the universe so that no one can provide any excuse that one has not heard of such events in advance. Those who realize and have ears shall listen to the words of God. 한국어 버전:[천지일보 시론] 계룡산속리산에서 얻는 지혜, 弓弓乙乙之間에 十勝地 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=404734

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] The Truth of Donald Trump’s ‘Americanism’

The time is quickly rushing towards somewhere in the midst of uncertainty in this world we live in today. The ideologies of east and west no longer have the boundaries as all the philosophies, religions and races are universal, thus one global village. However the conflicts caused due to different religions, races and ideologies have brought the humanity into a critical point of decision to make whether to stop now or to retreat or to move forward answer is needed in this important stage of time. Stepping aside from the global reality that we live in today as we focus in the Republic of Korea, a country that is already small which is divided into two different states the southern part of the country is even more divided into factions. The justification of the faction culture is without exception for the rights of people and country. Of course having factions is not always wrong since it could also entail details such as specific directions on policies and philosophies. However the reality is that rather than the detail itself, it is in the center of regionalism which results in certain individuals taking power based out of those regions in factions. Factions with various details would be helpful as they would be functional as these details will include competitiveness and strengths for the better changes of the country. It is pitiful and regrettable not only in the Korean peninsula, but also around the world today. ISISs origin is based out of the religious conflicts within the Muslim community that sparked from the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia that spread out across the Northern African nations against the dictatorships. Although the inception was in good objective, the processes became ugly as these inducted unstoppable refugees who took broken ships that resulted in tragic burials at the Mediterranean Sea. This has directly led the EU to adapt to refugee policies, and with much volatilities such as terrorist attacks in the heart of Europe, United Kingdom was the first country in the EU to oppose to pro-refugee policies by the implementation of Brexit which sparked new order of politics, diplomacy and race globally. This radical decision by the British has influenced the United States, the symbol of globalization, in that the oppressed wrath of the Americans exploded as conflicts in a various racial communities have always been potentially been embedded. Taking advantage of such environment, Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States of America by implementing unprecedented policies such as radical nationalism along with protectionism and pro-Americanism. Thus, policies towards America-First have put cold water into globalization efforts as a consequence. In terms of race, the British are part of the Anglo-Saxons who have deep roots from the German territory and have moved into the British Island long centuries ago to set up various kingdoms, thus became the ancestors of the now British people. After this, the Puritan revolution broke out, and with much suppression, the Puritans migrated to America to search for new lives therefore, the Americans today were built on the heritage of the Anglo-Saxons after all. These are the ones who are initiating to divide races and religions in order to lead the new orders of America First. This kind of environment quickly changes the trend of the times, and could equally be compared to The Great Depression in terms of economy, and to the Iron Curtain in terms of political and diplomatic point of view. The closes comparison could be made on the Berlin Wall that blocked the East and the West, and after 28 years today, Mr. Trump has declared to build a wall similar to that in Berlin which will be set up across the national boundary to Mexico modern Great Wall of China. Moreover, Mr. Trumps executive orders on immigration bars citizens of 7 Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, which absolutely contradicts to the spirits of President Lincoln who has proclaimed the freedom of human rights by declaring emancipation of slaves 154 years ago and it has become a major concern that this spirit will disappear ultimately. Sure that the countries in Latin America have made themselves allied with each other to protest against such movement by the United States, and Iran has taken actions to retaliate against the United States likewise, and China with their own rights have united with ASEAN nations to overcome protectionism of America. These faction movements globally have made uncertainties to the maximum, and the humanitys efforts to make world peace in one global village has become difficult as Mr. Trumps slogan Americanism, not Globalism is becoming reality as promised during the election. What is certain is that Mr. Trumps Americanism is definitely pro-Caucasian and pro-Christianity. Religion, in particular Christianity, is based on equality and benevolent spirit and thus one shall not forget that peace is the center of it. This is the right time for the Republic of Korea as well to look back how Christianity in this country has also caused chaos by discrimination against others subjectively. As theres a saying that Look into the Woods and then the Trees, we must not become small minded in this already small country. If one is able to correctly diagnose the trend of the world, then one could pave way to become great in this world of faction, and moreover, to become the leader of the humanity. In order to view the Republic of Korea more properly and closely, one must monitor all of this from a global perspective, and Mr. Trumps Americanism is one of the lesson to be learned after all. ▶한국어 버전: [천지일보 시론] 도널드 트럼프가 천명한 미국우선주의의 진실 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=403211

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] Preaching to the wind when melody from the heaven is flowing

Why is this world so corrupted? No single place is normal, and it is a big pity to know that this is the status quo since the beginning of the rooster year.Wouldnt this be a situation where pouring water on a ducks back as there is no-one on this earth listening to the warning of the heaven? There might be various numbers of religions but without a true religious leader, and there might be many scriptures as well but without anyone with proper knowledge. Teacher Sago-Nam, who was an astronomer and Confucian himself during the Chosun Dynasty era left prophetic writing Secret of Namsago that was about corruption and venal officials and its governance which resulted in no bright future of the nation. Furthermore, Apostle Paul sent a letter For even if you had ten thousand teachers in Christ, you have not more than one father to a church in Corinthians, thus, although there are many religions and its leaders preaching day and night, there are no real religion and leaders werent the warnings of Namsago and Paul for this day? Religion belongs to the heaven, and the sound from it is a revelation. Thereupon, if religion is from the heaven and from the spirits, the politics of this earth is merely from the human world. As there is a proverb, Such a difference between heaven and earth, the gaps of thoughts are indescribably large between heaven and earth. As Apostle Pauls confession, For our country is in heaven, a man of religion shall truly become enlightened of the laws of heaven, and likewise shall know all the laws of the earth in this universe and act accordingly these are the eternal reasons and logics of the universe. As a sentence exists, A nation strives when religion lives, religion and its religious leaders being corrupted, all the politics and politicians become corrupted proportionally. The Republic of Korea has in its constitution on Article 20 Paragraph 1 and 2 Every people have the rights and freedom of religion, and politics and religion must be separated, this is truly a suitable law. In particular, Koreas government system is in principle divided into the legislative, the judicial, and the administrative branches. The judicature system enacts and revises laws, and also reforms constitutions. However in reality, the people who were responsible in putting forth the constitution have been the ones who were not abiding by the laws themselves. Republic of Korea is a liberal democratic country, which means the country belongs to the people. Civil servants who work and receive their payrolls are merely the employees of the people. The president, congressman, governor, mayor and all others are hired workforce from the people of the country, and therefore, they shall not ignore the stance and position of the people who are effectively the employer. Accordingly, such relationship should be closely monitored and evaluated by the legislative. Should the politician ignore the law by distorting certain religion and get involved in suppressing the religion, it is an act of serious crime as it is considered to be a violation of a constitution article. What is more important is that such acts by the politicians and leaders are effectively dividing the people of the nation into 2 factions in a country that is divided into North and South Korea, hurting the morale and spirits of the people. Such thoughtless behavior by both the politicians and religious leaders show the corruption of modern days of Republic of Korea, and one must fear that history will clearly remember this after all. During the President Myung-Bak Lee administration, politicians and religious leaders of Christianity both oppressed Buddhists so massively that the monks demonstrated across the nation, and hence, Special Act on Public Officials, Religious Bias was quickly and suddenly reformed accordingly. However, such law shall not even need to exist from the first place because the detail already is stated in the constitution. In other words, The only instrument that is to protect the nation, its systems and the people the constitution is being used for the advantage of those politicians and religious leaders like parasites, and this has always been the case as history tells us. This is not strange today as the Korean Christianity and the Christian Broadcasting System work closely together to oppress certain religion by unlawfully advertising of it to be a religious cult, which is anti-nation and anti-society. Then why is this happening from the first place? Their untruthful acts and unlawful activities have been exposed to the people of the nation, and in order to further prevent such cases, they have brought everything in their power to divide the people into two factions how would the people know of this in detail? The Christianity shall acknowledge and repent its wrongdoings, and those people of religions shall fear the heavens for their sins. During the Japanese colonial period, the Korean Christianity has worshiped the Japanese shrine, just like King Solomon, and the Korean peninsula has ultimately been divided into two, just like Israel has been. Ever since the liberation from the Japanese rule, when the military regime took power via military coup, the conservative Christians took the initiatives to be part of this unlawful coup, and spent most of their time in suppressing those religions which they thought were not helpful to them by utilizing the power at the back of the military regime that is the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) today, and its roots as a background. When President Myung-Bak Lee came into power, they made him the elder of the church, and thus, Christianity took full power and measure to take all the advantages with this backing. What shall one do when one becomes aware that this false religion uses the name of true religion in making a country in mess? That is the DNA of the religion in Korea today, and it is such a big shame to witness this fact. Now the people and man of religion shall no longer be deceived by the reality of this false religion of Korea, as the Bible teachers If a blind man is guiding a blind man, the two will go falling into a hole together. Religion shall truly navigate the road of religion, and politics shall also truly find its way of responsibility. In this year of rooster, when religion strives properly, the nation and mankind will be a better place to live when both politics and religions act accordingly. ▶한국어버전: [천지일보 시론] 천계(天鷄)소리 곡조 따라 흘러나오나 세상은 우이독경(牛耳讀經) http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=400700

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] To be a uselessdust or a beautiful dust

Kwang-Seok Kim, a wandering minstrel, who expressed his love to those beloved ones by various poems and songs an indescribable expression in that he loved those even in the form of a dust in order to be with them. Who could envision such terms so beautifully by dust? However when one is asked about his word about dust that is the reality we are all faced today in the Republic of Korea politics, economy, society, culture and all other areas have all been exposed to such dust environment which we are living in. All the actions of the so-called leaders are more than dust as they all suffocate the lungs of the people of this country. The confirmation hearing regarding Soon-Shil Choi Gate has ended just this 9th ever since it started last year, and as expected, the core witnesses have unattended and those members of Congress were just so low-quality with foul language continuously in the scene. Both the political and economic leaders were part of the monopolized antagonists in frustrating Korea, and all of the areas in academics, cultural, sports and many more were involved in monopoly, which has made the country in despair. The final piece of this hopelessness was the confirmation hearing which was a fantastically well set-up comedy in a sarcastic way. All of those witnesses, as if all promised together, all testified I do not recall and remember which just is too frustrating. On the opposite side, even those who were questioning the witnesses were also at fault as they were not prepared well enough to question the most adequate and to the point. Moreover, they simply were not qualified enough in terms of basic nature that when they were blocked by all those I do not recall answers, those who were questioning also became in the same degree of level in screaming and fighting as if in the childrens playground. Regardless of how frustrating the session goes, they should refrain from personal angers for the best interests of the people and confirmation hearing. There is not a single person in this country that is not aware of the corruption of this country and its leaders. And it just is so appalling to learn from this confirmation hearing how much these people in the government are incapable as they cant even control their personal feelings and how were we able to put our fate in their hands for these 4 years of time? No wonder all these political scandals erupted as a result. However, if there is a person in this country who is not aware of such problem, then one must seriously suspect that it must be one of those politicians and leaders of the government. People sincerely wish to have less of those people in the government to lie but to be more truthful, because they put false charges to those who offer right and true actions. All want this nation to be a righteousness one.Lie leads to a bigger lie, thus resulting in a disharmony and conflict within the society. We would like to say a word to the so-called the leaders if you are one of the people in this nation, and furthermore if you love this nation, wouldnt it just be correct to think about yourself and see yourself more carefully through the mirror and act accordingly? 한국어버전: [천지일보 시론] 쓸모없는 먼지이고 싶은가, 아름다운 먼지이고 싶은가 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=399202

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] Enlightening the ‘Right Path’ by the means of Pen

The year of the monkey ended ina turbulent story in both domestic and foreign affairs where Soon-Shil Chois monopolization in the nation made the society chaotic in which resulted in further confusion in the political scene as more politicians took this advantage for their own best interests this was the beginning of January in the year of rooster. People of the Republic of Korea are in a critical condition to choose the right person in this political chaos where rivalry of local barons is officially in place ever since the vegetative state has been persistent in this nation. People should by now have matured enough since last years betrayal of all of those politicians, and must be sure that this race has the capability to elevate crisis into an opportunity.Hero is born in troublous times and for that reason hope is still around as one wishes for a more optimistic future. Year of Roosters first morning started with a hens loud cry that overcame the darkness. Seeing the old year out and the new year in one follows the path to let go of the past and embrace the new era with hope and happiness. There would be a super-natural person in eternity on a white horse crying out loud in bitter wilderness. Prisoner number 264 who was more accustomed at prison rather than his own home because of his time spent in prison, a resistant poet has laid down his life for his country in a prison at Beijing a year before the liberation of Korea he was one of the most memorable poets in that gloomy period who never lost hope for freedom of his nation. 64(Original Name, Won-Rok Lee) has long waited for liberation of his nation along with his people by alluding to a super-natural person in a white horse. Despite todays unbelievable advancement in both economic and democratic society, our thoughts are crushed down by todays reality that we are in a situation as if in the prison as the poet. In this desperate condition, one must wait for that super-natural person in a white horse for justice and peaceful society where everyone lives in truth without lies. However this utopia is not a free gift we all have to take the same path as 64 has taken to achieve rightfully as history tells us reviewing the old and learning the new. Evergreen tree is needed in this world to tell those without the knowledge and awareness of what is needed to make a better world. This newspaper promises to take the same path as 64 has done in this first morning of the year of rooster for the justice and truth of the society by the power of pen. That path is, as mentioned on previous article, the right path, meaning that it does not take sides either on the progressive or the conservative but in fact only for the justice and righteousness. By doing so would only be able to take the role as light to that world of darkness, and by this, enlightenment and repentance is possible in this new era. This political scandal has proved just how important the role of media is, and as one of the members in this community, Ive learned what needs to be done appropriately. Behind politics and society, corruption in religion has also been a primary cause in this chaotic situation as it united together with those corrupted ones to free-fall like everyones witnesses for the past few months. Everything has hit the bottom, and reflecting back the reality were faced today, we all hope for a fresh new start in the year of rooster with the right spirit of peace-loving spirit. ▶한국어 버전: [천지일보 시론] 펜으로 알리고 깨우치며 저항하는 中道의 길 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=397356

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] Reflecting Back an Eventful Year of Red Monkey…

There are just a few days for the end of the year of red monkey, 2016, and eventful would be the word that is often used during this time of every year. This word is very much true particularly this year as history would only tell and evaluate the year of red monkey we diagnose this year as end of the year comes. Both domestic and foreign affairs have been very unpredictable and chaotic as violent religious groups such as the ISIShas been the evil cause of terrorism across the Middle East and Europe where many innocents have been the causalities. The Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia in 2010 seemed to have brought a new spring atmosphere in North Africa and the Middle East where dictatorships were common for decades but such case did not last long as Syrias Assad regime gave fierce resistance for 4 years, which has brought never-ending civil war. Hence, complicated relationships of the Russians and the Western powers in Syria, as well as the Kurds and others related. This has only resulted in the massacre of the innocent people, and directly caused for illegal refugees where many attempted in vain in the Mediterranean Sea. In essence, this has shaken up the political and economic scopes of Europe that we now know today. The refugee issue has ultimately resulted in the United Kingdoms Brexit vote, which has further caused a domino effect as to protectionism and nationalism across the European continent, which everyone notes easily on Donald Trumps election at the end of the day. The Republican, who asserted for white dominance and Christianity with emphasis on protectionism and nationalism these were the primary factors of how Mr. Trump has brought the so-called New-Americanism into his victory for presidency. The impact of his victory does not limit to a domestic affair within the United States, as starting from next January with his presidency would bring unpredictable relationships with other superpowers thus, volatility globally going forward. Meanwhile in the East, China has been in the middle of conflicts in the South China Sea as well as in Southeast Asia, where much potential for natural resources are in the region as an alternative to oil of the Middle East. The new economic and military superpower, China now acts in the region as if those territories in debate are part of its border against its neighboring nations as if China will soon make it official to be part of their territory. The background of such aggressive movements by the Chinese government is a direct rival sensitivity with the United States as both have strong geo-political presence and vision, which directly overlaps with each other. Under this circumstance, even the small nations in the South China Sea are acting in their own best interests that only bring more risks and volatility in the region. The world is returning back to Age of Cold War after all these nationalism and protectionism are bringing complicated functional relations into upmost highest volatility worldwide. Selfishness for each of its best interests, each nation are rivaling each other for power and thus, nuclear power is back on agenda on the table to take initiatives those efforts to eliminate nuclear power for peace are in vain, and heavy clouds are in the surface as Russo-American relationship is the lowest ever-since the Age of Cold-War. Then what is the reality of Republic of Korea in this chaotic global environment? The Korean peninsula is the only divided nation in this world where global superpowers all have their interests in this region a heavily fortified geographic region today. Note that North Koreas obsession to nuclear power is only bringing the peninsula the most dangerous place in this planet, which only brings the efforts of peace in vain. Despite such gloomy macro environment, embarrassing domestic affairs only brought the end of the year in disgrace President Parts recognition of her misuse of power only to a degree of ethical extent but refusing to acknowledge legal responsibility this has brought the nation an outrage and humiliation worldwide. What would be the crime of President Park? She is not an individual, but she is a leader, who is responsible to lead the country as a model -, however she has refused to admit her wrongdoing and instead is trying the best to distance herselfas if shes conducted none of those. President Park has divided the country into two this itself is a crime already. The Republic of Korea follows presidency, and the president of the country is like a heart of the nation. However, that heart has ceased to function today. One must seek for country and its peoplenot by her lips,but wholeheartedly since the nation is under emergency at the moment. Politicians should not act accordingly for their own advantages, but must act for the best of the nation and its people.If impeachment is dismissed then a revolution must follow is a slogan by those politicians, but these should not be used for instigation. Furthermore, these radical thoughts and acts are not the root of genuine democracy since freedom is only applicable to only of those who truly know how to enjoy. Forcing others to hear their opinions and voices, whereas dismissing others are not democracy. President Park and her government cannot be forgiven regardless what the rationales are behind these are all proved and thus cannot be denied after all. However denying the past itself is not right as well President Parks father President Junghee Parks both achievements and acts, whether right or wrong need to be the mirror and warning of our present and future. One cannot deny the history itself. Reflecting back the year of red monkey one must evaluate both inside and outside the country more closely, and welcome the new year of Rooster with optimism. ▶한국어 버전: [천지일보 시론] 다사다난했던 병신년 한 해를 돌아보며 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=396274

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] ‘School-Smarts’ to no longer defame the reputation of Republic of Korea

The status of Republic of Korea that was soaring thanks to Hanryu or Korean Wave has fallen head-over-hills very recently outside the nation are serious issues on THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Defense Missile) and GSOMIA (General Security of Military Information Agreement) between Japan and Korea which the Chinese government took full measures to prohib the Hanryu movement in China, whereas individual mistakes in South America have brought anti-Korean as a consequence. The hard efforts of the Koreans in searching for righteousness against the corrupted government in the peninsula has been put to shame by those people who represent the face of Republic of Korea in overseas. A councilor to Chile has committed such an embarrassing act in Chile that it has negatively affected even the lives of those innocent Koreans living in Chile. The councilor, whose main responsibility was to promote the Hanryu wave even further by connecting the two countries culturally, was more preoccupied elsewhere apart from his job duties. His act of brutality (minority sexual molestation)was exposed all over the world through a local TV program however, the real problem is not his acts but the negative affects it has caused in daily lives. The Koreans in Chile are receiving insults of text messages and all sorts of wrath from the local Chileans as this councilor has already behaved indecently even before this incident amongst the Korean community since he has approached the wife of a Korean in Santiago previously. He has been accused of sexually harassing a 12-year old minority, and with this local TV on air, the fury of Chileans are now uncontrollable which is a serious concern as a whole. Taking advantage of his position to approach an innocent girl who is a huge fan of K-POP is something that is unacceptable, but what is more beyond comprehension is the decision and action of the Korean embassy in Chile. Why has the embassy neglected the dirty acts of this councilor if they were already aware of this potential crime, which only brings up the subject of the embassys carelessness and hiding such facts? Chile has been a country that is by far the closest with Korea thanks to its connections through Hanryu and the culture but after this incident has brought a crucial negative sentiment towards all of the things related to Korea, and furthermore, the Koreans living in Chile now live in concerns on a daily basis. The impact of an individuals wrong action has been so massive that it has brought down the status of Republic of Korea on a low hill, and its reliability is no longer the same as before they are the representatives and faces of a nation, who are supposed to be model to those overseas. It is a greedy thought to wish for the right acts of those so-called the well-educated high officials from the first place? Eyes are the windows of a mind, and words from the mouths are the thoughts and spirits which reflect the personalities and philosophies of the people. Despite all the sweet talks, a persons genuine personality can be realized looking through a persons eyes and of course, through the persons usual acts and words. The world is not supposed to be ruled by those who were well educated since the teaching since our childhood is that the more noble, the more humble as we all know just too well. One must think first before giving out the words or the actions accordingly, in particular those who are the faces of the nation. Book-Smart or School-Smart applies to those dopy ones who have no worldly-wise. However, this Book-Smart is being abused by these government officials for their own personal benefits in the expense of innocent Koreans as a whole where they use this word to justify their wrongful acts by insisting of their negligence, which is in fact a deadly abuse. Everyone is wishing for those School-Smarts to no longer defame the reputation of Republic of Korea, but to see, hear and learn properly for the better future. ▶한국어 버전 :[천지일보 시론] 헛똑똑이들이 대한민국 이미지를 실추시키는 일이 없기를 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=394838

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] Candlelight Opinions With Objectivity

When the impeachment was approved on the 9th , there were widespread reports that the poll result was a sign of energy from the universe as the numbers were a sequence of 1234567 - absence of 1, approval of 234, disapproval of 56 and invalidity of 7. In addition to this outcome, a survey agency presented an approval rate of 78.2%, which accounts for 234 numbers of people that is exactly identical to those numbers of approval on the 9th. There are further rumor on the street that the decision of the Constitutional Court will be finalized after 89 days, which many would not be surprised in the future considering the strange phenomenon of this energy from the universe as the sequence of number is 1234567. However energy from the universe is no longer a crack of a joke in todays reality as far as to this government is concerned, but in fact is a boil that has finally festered after decades of veiled problems. Apart from the strange help from the energy of the universe that has led to the impeachment, the leader of the Saenuri Party, Jung-Hyun Lee, has also offered himself to eat his own hat on the 30th should the impeachment gets approved. Plenty of parody pictures were all over the place following the impeachment, and so did with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un ridiculing President Park. How did the politics in Korea collapse to this extent? Come to think of it, it is not only politics but across all areas in economysocialculturalreligion every citizens in the country now feel it themselves today. The reality to live on a daily basis was more important to all of us until now, but when enough was enough with all the corrupted officials in the country, the power of united candlelight rallies were too bright to be stopped, and ultimately were the only force to save the sinking Republic of Korea.Now is the time to start a new era of Republic of Korea with this one-hearted candlelight mind of the people. For the better year in whilst seeing the old one out is an objective for the people of Korea. In order to do so, people have to be united as one than ever so, and the candlelight rally needs to be a culture that continues to unite the people under one roof for a better Korea in the future. However by taking advantage of this situation for an alternative purpose is absolutely unacceptable. Like a wolf in a lamb disguise, one cannot use candlelight as a lethal weapon candlelight is a tool to eliminate the weakness of Korea, not a weapon for money and power of one. Thereupon, it is imperative to possess the courage and right judgement to those who hold the candlelight in their hands in order to save this country from the wolves. Sacrifice is needed when one has belief in certain thing, and an example to that would be when one realizes that the truth was in fact a lie, and the other way around when a lie was in contrast a truth. Misunderstanding and prejudice sometimes turns out to be a good thing, which means certain beliefs which Ive had in mind could be wrong in a certain way. Saving my faith at the cost of another person for that reason it is essential to overcome bias that has been in mind for a long time. It might be difficult to do so initially as it has been in ones mind for quite some time. However, having an objective perspective would be needed, in particular at this time that wouldprevent me from making wrong judgements from Medias and those people with impartial suggestions. Thereupon, one must overcome oneself all the time in order to find the truthful meaning. By achieving so would then one could become a lamp to brighten up the world and Republic of Korea. Those hands which hold the candlelight need to be free from biased minds as those will need to have truthful eyes this does not apply only to the collapsed politics of Korea but also to all areas in the Republic of Korea today for a better bright future. 한국어버전: [천지일보 시론] 촛불 든 손은 편견이 없어야 한다 http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=393339

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] 호사다마(好事多魔) Good Comes With The Bad

Republic of Korea is struggling at its best for rebirth as if a pregnant woman is in her utmost pain the good comes with the bad. The state of affairs is clearly that the old corrupted period has ended with a new bright era stepping in as a pregnant womans loud cry is in the air. It probably was a single event that has brought the most attention as far as editorial writings are concerned. Moreover, candlelight rallies have now taken its root to be a tourist package from overseas tourists. It truly is amazing to realize that it has become a cultural heritage in this country. Bloomberg consistently broadcasted on the candlelight rallies that Although politics in Korea has retreated significantly, the rallies clearly show an advancement of the society. The rallies do look strange from the eyes of foreigners as well since it is so peaceful compared to any other nations globally. The Geun-Hye Park and Soon-Sil Choi episode has revealed corruption across all areas of politics, economy, prosecution, media and religion. The irony of such humiliation is that this has brought significant positives in Republic of Korea as the spirits of Korean people have awakened as if from a long sleep not only are the Koreans astonished by the awakening but the whole world is. The world is having a close look at the Republic of Korea, its people and the history they are curious to learn from where this matured cultural spirits have come from. It is time to find our true identities as the Koreans were always called the People of Heaven. Thus, the Koreans were part of the heaven, and were not hesitant to follow the orders of the heaven those voices from heaven are from its own people as the master of the nation is the people. Listening to the people and to their wish and demand is the true politics; hence the mind of the people is the mind of the heaven.As a good example, the March First Independence Movement during the Japanese Imperialism was one of the first movements in a peaceful act against rifles and swords which have lighted up peaceful movements globally such as the one in India for its liberation from Great Britain It has become a symbol of peace movement in the humanity. More to that, Kim Koo has stated in his biography My Wish that It is my wish that my country becomes the most beautiful in the world, not the strongest or powerful. After our countrys invasion from the neighboring country, I do not wish for our country to invade the others. Our wealth is enough with satisfying our needs to live on a daily basis and our power is enough with defending the invasion. He further has written The only unlimited wish to obtain is the high quality of culture.I do not wish my country to imitate another countrys culture; I wish my country to be a model and an objective of others for the high-quality culture. For that, I wish that global peace starts from Republic of Korea, and through my nation the world peace is truly achieved. Kim Koo has left an extraordinary heritage which was truly a great culture it means heavenly culture and peace. Another interesting observation is the role of a Church in Germany in the process of unification. The Church has been a catalyst in the unification, and Pastor of St. Nicolai Church of Leipzip along with the citizens been instrumental in bringing the Berlin Walls down in the Eastern sector of Berlin. It was through a peaceful candlelight rallying on every Monday prayers. The Pastor has been in the initiative on the Monday Prayer Rallying on October 9, 1989 in Leipzig with slogans of We are the People, Non-Violence, It is not the Communist Party or the Government but we ourselves the People who decide our own Destiny. And magically after 1 month in November 9th, the symbol of division that is the Berlin Wall fell down in pieces the power of peace is very much strong as history manifests itself. The peaceful candlelight rallying in Seoul and other cities in the Republic of Korea shows potential limitless energy, peaceful philosophy and a great DNA of our nation. This peaceful candlelight of the nation will continue to be in the unification with the North, and will further be energy in achieving world peace. Chairman Man-Hee Lee of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) who is meeting global leaders of politics and religion has also urged Let us inherit the world with peace along with the unification of Korea. the greatest value of humanity is peace. Let us not forget to remember that we as a nation have always sublimated crisis into opportunities. ▶한국어 버전: [천지일보 시론] 호사다마(好事多魔) http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=391922

[Cheonji-Il-Bo Current View] 목불택조(木不擇鳥) It is not the tree that selects the bird, but in fact is the bird that chooses the bird to take its seat for rest.

Todays condition of Korean politics can be described literally as corruption, and we all live in humiliation, frustration, anger, disappointment and even perhaps beyond the limitation of perseverance from the President Parks saga. However on the flip side of the coin, this can be considered as a great opportunity to look back for self-reflection and to re-think of todays reality and quality of ourselves in which we can all unite to build a new bright future by ending this corrupted condition therefore a special thanks to President Park for this opportunity. There is a clear reason for todays horrible reality in politics since there such result simply cant exist without a cause. One cannot hope to solve the problem without being aware of the issue itself from the first place. Therefore it is utmost important to find the appropriate solution to solve the problem in the most effective manner together. The first thing to realize is both the symbiotic and parasitic relationship between politics and religion. To conclusion, both politics and religion have given up their genuine roles by helping each other for their own greedy interests for wealth and power that ended up in parasitic and symbiotic relationship. According to Article 20 Paragraph 2 of the Constitution states Religion and Politics separates from one another however ironically lawmakers and executors have been on the front to ignore those established laws where the innocent common people have been the witness for such cases. Corrupted religion needed the support of the political power to justify their untruthful ways and same goes with the politicians who needed more votes and naturally reached out to those corrupted religious leaders accordingly. Politics and Religion have been on the same boat and on the same direction ever since the old days traditionally shrine worship during the Japanese Imperialism and many others in every periods of time are classical examples. The virtue of religion is to forbid both the power and wealth, and Jesus himself has started his public life by claiming to the world to be modest and humble. The Pharisees, who prided themselves to be models of religious belief, were not the ones selected by Jesus to be praised, but in fact it was the tax-farmer and the lower people who were ill and poor it was with them that Jesus was together with, who has sacrificed his own life where salvation was promised to the humble ones. Paul the Apostle also stated that For the love of money is a root of all evil and Buddha himself has given up the glory to be a prince in India where he departed for hardship to find the Creator in order to seek for why human beings are born to be sick and to die ultimately, and even during the Chosun Dynasty a Confucian scholar Sago-Nam has taken a long road to find why this world has the rise and fall these are the ways of religion. The thoughts of human being are controlled by spiritual thinking, and through this, all human beings have historically searched for religion ultimately searched for the Creator. For that reason, human beings are the supreme creature of all the creations in this universe. However the reality is that human greed has brought the corruption of religion which resulted in political downfall this is a tragic reflection of today after these two have become mixed instead of being separate to pursue their genuine objectives. The Soon-Sil Choi incident naturally reflects the religious disgrace that remains intact. It seems difficult for President Park to free herself from this man Tae-Min Park who has used her as an Avatar in the name of religion. This man, who hasnt had a single pastoral experience, has paid a mere 100,000 Korean Won to receive official pastoral certificate from the Pastor Cho of Presbyterian Church of Korea. This fake pastoral certificate has become a seed in establishing organizations Service for Honoring Korea and Volunteer for New Mind, and ultimately directly let to involvement in nations decision makings, embezzlements, frauds, political corruptions these were the start of the tragedy as many other reports back up as good evidences. Another reason would be the ignorance of the leaders, which brings up the thoughts that President Park has not done any studying ever since her childhood according to the Congressman Do-Eoun Chungs interview in the press. Popularity leads to power is the wrong political culture that has led to political corruption today. There are plenty of quotes from the saints to keep in mind. The front-page of the famous Analects of Confucius is 學而時習之 不亦說乎, 有朋自遠方來 不亦樂乎, 人不知而不'C 不亦君子乎 which means to enjoy learning where Confucius himself has always taught many of his disciples to be meaningful in this world, and pursued to seek for people with same good objectives in which he was satisfied in his life although it was not possible to reflect his thoughts more wider during his times. Clearly shows Confucius himself tried the best to become a noble man no matter what. Yulgok, in his book of Gyoukmong-Yokyoul, pointed out that those who do not read nor study will have their insights shut and thereby would not be able to become the right person and whoever that hopes to become a noble man must pursue learning with all their hearts. The learnings are compulsory to become a noble person, and that learning forms and ultimately controls ones spirits. If the teaching of the earth is that important, wouldnt the learning of the heaven be more essential? Religious leaders must spend more time with many efforts to learn more about the religious teachings as there is a phrase difference between heaven and earth. As the Prophet Hosea states in the Bible Destruction has overtaken my people because they have no knowledge and Prophet Malachie also states For it is right for the priests lips to keep knowledge, and for men to be waiting for the law from his mouth: for he is the servant sent from the Lord of armies And so I have taken away your honor and made you low before all the people, even as you have not kept my ways, and have given no thought to me in using the law eventually the religiouspolitical leaders have brought the end of an era because of their ignorance. There is a Korean phrase Mok-Bull-Taek-Jo. It is not the tree that selects the bird, but the bird that chooses the tree to take its seat. Why wouldnt the people or faith seekers pursue to find politics and religion should the politicians and religious leaders themselves fulfill their genuine ways? It is time to wake up from the darkness to welcome a bright new era by provision of nature. ▶한국어버전:[천지일보 시론] 목불택조(木不擇鳥) http://www.newscj.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=390380