[Korean Lee Man Hee True Peace Story│HWPL Re-lighting & Interview <21>] Deputy Director of Education, Kenya, “I'm inspired by a peace advocate, Lee Manhee's passion”

The CheonjiDaily previously highlighted the first to 31st World Peace Tour of Chairman Lee Man-hee of the Heavenly Culture World Peace and Restoration of Light (HWPL). It examined the detailed provisions of the ‘Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).’ In addition, HWPL’s main peace initiatives, such as the DPCW support activities, alliance of religions, peace education, and youth peace movements, were highlighted. With this issue, we will listen to the reasons for supporting the ‘HWPL Peace Movement’ through personnel from each country actively participating in the HWPL peace movement and revisit its value. [Cheonji Daily = Reporter Lee Som] One of the goals of the Heavenly Culture World Peace and Restoration of Light(HWPL, chairman Lee Man-hee) peace project is ‘sustainable peace’. The key is recognizing that problems and conflicts can be solved through dialogue, not violence, and establishing and maintaining a ‘peace culture’ by cultivating local residents’ ability to apply it in their lives. Education is necessary for this. Bartholomew LumbasiWanikina, 44, Deputy Director of Kenya Education Ministry, said HWPL's peace education laid the foundation for sustainable peace in Kenyan society. He explained that a culture that pursues peaceful coexistence in the local community is being formed through HWPL's peace education. Deputy Director Bartholomew is simply an ‘educational expert’ who previously served as the coordinator of early childhood education for Kenya's UNESCO National Committee with bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees in education policy, mathematics, agricultural technology, and economics. Even now, the Kenyan Ministry of Education is in charge of establishing education policies, planning strategies, monitoring education funding projects, and overall educational activities. We recently conducted an e-mail interview with Deputy Director Bartholomew, who has been promoting peace education in cooperation with HWPL since 2019. ◆ “There has been real changes in the community since peace education” “I am a peace messenger who calls for peace in communities in Kenya,” Bartholomew said, describing his position. His relationship with the HWPL began when he worked for the Kenyan UNESCO National Committee. According to Deputy Director Bartholomew, the HWPL was seeking to sign MOA (Memorandum of Understanding) and MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Kenyan UNESCO National Committee at that time. UNESCO conducted HWPL's peace education for educators because the purpose of UNESCO's activities aimed at promoting peaceful coexistence was also consistent with HWPL's project. Deputy Director Bartholomew, who had previously promoted peace activities, also participated in the HWPL peace education event held with UNESCO at the time and continued discussions on peace projects with HWPL. Asked what was most rewarding about conducting HWPL's peace education, Deputy Director Bartholomew said, “education that trained peace educators and peace lions at the school level.” This provides a foundation for sustainable peace in Kenyan society. “The most impressive thing is that the Kenyan community pursues peaceful coexistence through HWPL peace education, and it became a culture,” he said. “The annual commemorative meetings and conferences held by HWPL provided opportunities to share and experience peace activities around the world and personally inspire me to pursue peace policies.” Bartholomew said there had been significant changes in the Kenyan community, especially since HWPL's peace education. After HWPL's peace education, he said, “Kenya schools belonging to the Amani (peace) club have no complaints or strikes against schools, and reports of school violations have decreased.” As the situation stabilizes, students' national test scores in these schools have improved significantly, and they are at their peak, Bartholomewadded. “That's why Kenyan educators and I are working harder on peace, unlike before,” he said. ◆“Chairman Lee's Passion Gives Me The Biggest Inspiration In My Life” “I've attended more than five webinars, including the annual celebration of HWPL's Declaration of World Peace and Cessation of War,” he said. “HWPL's events are always the best and make us look forward to the next.” “We've become a peace family of the HWPL, and we've become one with the HWPL, so we feel satisfied a lot and a sense of belonging,” Bartholomew also said the HWPL’s peace promotion inspired him. The goals and direction of the HWPL peace project presented him with motivation and inspiration for peace education. “The HWPL is a great organization that promotes peace around the world,” Bartholomew said. “The peace that HWPL refers to begins not only within relationships with others but also with harmony between God, nature, and the individual. It also suggests a very different direction to approach peace, starting with embracing everyone regardless of their religion, race, social and economic status,” he said. Above all, Lee Man-hee's passion encouraged Deputy Director Vasolome's willingness to peace. Chairman Lee Man-hee's passion for peace was the greatest inspiration I have ever received in my life, he said. “This gives me a great sense of accomplishment in pursuing peace, and I was able to see the international (peace) movement and receive a sense of belonging from the peace family. So I wish God's blessing so that Lee can achieve peace to the end of the world,” he said. Bartholomew cited eradicating corruption and gender-based violence as the most urgent goals to achieve peace in Kenya. To this end, Kenya's Ministry of Education and HWPL discuss signing an MOU. The MOU is expected to provide an opportunity for HWPL peace education materials and key messages to become mainstream in the curriculum. Education materials and continuous support from HWPL are needed to reach not only Kenya but also African countries, Bartholomew suggested. “I think these activities can be carried out through regional conferences for African heads of state and policymakers,” he said. Deputy Director Bartholomew, a lifelong educator, will continue to work with the HWPL on peace education to establish sustainable peace in Kenya and Africa. “Peace is the mother who will advance life. Without peace, humanity cannot prosper.” 한국어기사: [한국인 이만희 평화실화│HWPL 재조명&인터뷰 <21>] 케냐 교육부 부국장 “평화의사자 이만희 대표 열정에 고취돼”

[Korean Lee Man Hee True Peace Story│HWPL Re-lighting & Interview <13>] “HWPL’s Peace Education must be taught as a required subject”

[Cheonji Ilbo = Reporter Lee Som] Tamar Lolishvili, a Georgian teacher, has been participating in the peace education of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) since 2018. Cervantes Gymnasium Aia-Gess, where Tamar is working, signed an MOU with HWPL, and Tamar also participated in a peace education camp in Korea. Tamar conducted an e-mail interview with us on the 27th (local time) and said, since she began cooperating with the HWPL, peace has become an essential topic for her to teach, just like reading, math and science. Tamar, who is also a teacher trainer at the American Councils for International Education Georgia, praised HWPL's content for peace education and said HWPL gave her a chance to set an example for students. ◆“Development of important values and capabilities through HWPL education” Tamar explained that the reasons for participating in HWPL peace education are “because of the constant tension, and fear of having difficulty raising young people with the skills they needin the occupied territories of Georgia.” She said though she did not previously have an official certificate as a “peace educator,” HWPL inspired her and many other schools in Georgia to develop into peace teachers. Tamar also said, “Developing values and competencies that are crucial for the citizens of Georgia” as the most rewarding part of participating in HWPL's Peace Education. “I wasn't interested in informal education before that,” she said. Tamar emphasized that the most important part while participating in HWPL's Peace Education and teaching it to students was to make students feel ‘personal’ about conflict and peace. “HWPL gave me an opportunity to be a role model for students,” she said. “HWPL's program provided many examples along with theory, and I decided to enrich the curriculum by adding my case”. “The best way to integrate global issues of conflict and peace into classrooms is to accept them personally,” she said. “I was able to take them personally while traveling and learning all the time”. “As teachers, it is our role to guide students through problems,” she said. “If students consider the problem too theoretical, it will not resonate. If students can take this issue personally, they will be interested in it,” she added. Tamar had known the importance of peace in the past, but she went through actual changes while teaching HWPL’s Peace Education. “After mutual cooperation with the HWPL, peace has become a must-learn subject like reading, math and science,” Tamar said. “One of the goals of my peace class is to develop social and emotional abilities and help students develop skills to create and maintain interpersonal relationships and peace between groups inside and outside the school,” she said. “In class, students can practice mindfulness, learn human rights, play roles in conflict resolution scenarios. They can also participate in nonviolent communication practice, and build consensus through playing cooperative games.” She also explained, “The students of Project Lab (Teacher Tamar's club) know that anyone can be a peacemaker, and the students of Cervantes Gymnasium Aia-Gess do kind things for each other and make peace every day.” Tamar said HWPL's Peace Education is also necessary for teachers. “Professional development for teachers is essential to helping teachers ensure equality, peace and social cohesion,” she said. “And here, I have HWPL that continues to provide me with data, methods and paths to address peace education.” ◆“Agreeing with HWPL on nurturing peace citizens” Tamar has been steadily participating in HWPL and major peace education events since four years ago. She mentioned that this event was the most memorable event and he enjoyed the event much more with the involvement of African continent. Regarding this, she said “Equality is what we need the most.” She also emphasized that there is a difference between events of HWPL and those of other organizations, and that “HWPL may boast about being organized, detail oriented, massive and academic.” Regarding Lee Man Hee, the chairman of HWPL, she said that “I can't tell much about chairman Lee, as I have never met him, I only say that as a leader he is equipped with all the assets a good leader should have.” Tamar had an important mission as a teacher for Georgia's peace. She said that “There is no more important role for teachers than impacting students.” and that, “I see my principal task as an educator to activate my students’ antennae, to get them to identify injustice, discrimination, the potential for violence before it escalates into something worse, and to become active voices in doing something about that.” And also she added, “If we can equip kids with the skills that they need to be human beings who build healthy relationships and solve problems in ways that value the inherent dignity of others, our world will benefit now and in the future.” Collaborating with HWPL comes together to inspire and achieve this mission of Tamar as a teacher. Tamar said, “I see no focus more important to my collaboration with HWPL than the goal of creating an active citizenry that recognizes the wrongs in society and tries to fix them and seeks to equip students with the ability to see conflict and advocate for peace in its place.” “The world is more interconnected than ever before. In the same way that we must teach critical thinking and reading skills, we must teach how to make peace. Education empowers individuals to change the world, but only if they are equipped with the skills necessary to do so. And Here is HWPL with the following motto: help people gain knowledge, enhance their skills in the area of peace, and form an attitude about the meaning of peace in human life.” 한국어기사: [한국인 이만희 평화실화│HWPL 재조명&인터뷰 <13>] “HWPL의 평화교육, 필수 과목으로 가르쳐야”

[Korean Lee Man Hee True Peace Story│HWPL Re-lighting & Interview <19>] Teacher of Greece “HWPL Peace educator certificate is like one more feather in my cap”

[Cheonji Daily News=Reporter Lee Som] Georgia Maneta(48) is a teacher of English of 2nd Primary School Mileon-Kalon Neron in Greece. She was introduced to HWPL by afriend and aneducator who conducts peace education with HWPL. Georgia has been conducting peace education since last year. The peace educator training is in keeping with her belief in education. She is constantly trying to give her students opportunitiesto know more things around the world that will helpthem become better people. ◆“Developing the bond in the peace educator training with the other European teachers” In a recent interview with areporterfromCheonji-ilbo, she said that the confidence has become more solid as she has been trained to for the past nine weeks. She commented that this peace educator training is valuable. “During the training, I had the chance to see the materials HWPL provided us with and the knowledge that the people had” she said. “Also I realized that it was worth trying to conduct peace education at my school” she added. Teacher Ms. Georgia said that it was particularly memorable building ties with teachers and contemplating peace from classroom during the peace educator training. Ms. Georgia said that “I liked the fact that I had a chance to share and exchange views on peace with other amazing educators across Europe.” There were various activities in peace educator training, but most of all, it was textbooks that captured the hearts of teacher Ms. Georgia.It is explained that it is not made formally and is a specific and intuitive customized textbook that teachers and students can haveanactualunderstanding. Teacher Ms. Georgia said, “I loved the books they have prepared for peace education. Colourful, with lots of information and activities!” And she emphasized that “HWPL peace education is meant for children and youngsters since the books wrote in a more comprehensive language. Also, there are books, and this is really important as the educators have clear guidelines as to what they have to do!” After 9 weeks of peace educator training, teacher Ms. Georgia took pride in HWPL peace education. She said that “peace educator training’s certificate is like one more feather in my cap.” ◆The effects of the war are everywhere… “Let's do it together” In Greece, where Ms. Georgia lives, conflicts don’t seem to occur that often if we look at other countries which conflicts or civil war happen a lot. She found that the world is one and conflicts in other countries can affect her country or the other way around. The most serious case is the refugee issue. It was the people who lived in other countries for their lifelong without the outbreak of explicit conflicts, but those who crossed the countries in order to survive from the several years of violence, natural disasters, economic issues. The number of refugees and emigrants who have come to Greece since 2015 is over one million. Emigrants try to enter Greece through Edirne areaor across the Aegean Seabetween Greece and Turkey without refugee application once most of them departed from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan and temporarily entered Turkey. It is a wonder that tens of people hung in a small rubber boat and survived the waves. However, those refugees get arrested on a charge of illegal stay or get isolated without integration into the people there. Greece received a task to make peace with new members in Greece at the same time that they have been affected by the side effect of war. “Greece is a peaceful country. However, the whole world needs to be aware of the detrimental effects that war has on people, countries, cultures, and environment.” In this context, Ms. Georgia felt eagerly the empathy and necessity of HWPL itself, the chairman of HWPL, the Peace education, and the peace works they are conducting. She said, “I consider Chairman Lee an inspirational and charismatic person, who will do anything in his power to bring peace in the world. As for HWPL, I think it is a great organization with great educational materials and initiatives, ready to support in every step you make.” She responded to the question when she was asked which event was the most memorable one. She said “I believe that all HWPL events are memorable. I like them since they are organized even during the short time, and have many people involved.” To her, ‘Peace’ is ‘what we need to advance ourselves and the world’. And to achieve peace, she realized that we should cooperate ‘together’ with HWPL. “I expect students who receive Peace Education of HWPL to realize the importance of peace for themselves and for the world. It is simple to do it. We just need to go ahead with it. We all realized that Peace can be achieved easily if we all act as ONE. Together we can achieve more!” 한국어기사: [한국인 이만희 평화실화│HWPL 재조명&인터뷰 <19>] 그리스 교사 “HWPL 평화교사 수료증은 내 자랑거리”

[Korean Lee Man Hee True Peace Story│HWPL Re-lighting & Interview <17>] Afghanistan chief executive“HWPL’s Student Peace Motivation, Astonishing”

Afghanistan Mukhtar private school Muhammad Nadir Azedpanah [Cheonji Daily News=Reporter Lee Som] “Expect HWPL organization to expand the network of peace in all countries across the globe.” This is a word that most people who have a relationship with and collaborate with HWPL say. It means that world peace can be realized only when major peace projects such as HWPL's peace education are carried out in each country and the spirit covers the global village. Also, It is the explanation that as the world is now connected, even if religions, races, and countries are different, efforts for peace must be made together. Mohammed Nadir Ajedfana (28), who recently conducted an email interview with this magazine, is currently serving as the chief executive of Mukhta private School. Principal Muhammad, who implements HWPL's peace education in the Balkh region of Afghanistan and directly teaches it to students, also emphasized as above. Chief executive Muhammad, who was originally interested in peace, pledged to work in collaboration with HWPL to create a practical environment where students can have hope in Afghanistan, like a wasteland of peace, while witnessing the changes in students through HWPL education. ◆“Students have a sense of peace responsibility through education” Chief executive Muhammad had a contract with HWPL starting in 2019. Chief executive Muhammad searched and saw activities in other countries of the HWPL, and he said that was particularly impressed by the peace agreement fulfilled in Mindanao, the Philippines. If there were successes on an island that had been in a bloody conflict for 40 years, was seen that it could be worked in Afghanistan. “I was inspired to be part of and support the HWPL through the resolution of the Mindanao Peace Agreement”, he said, and “I get to know all their programs and activities based on my research before the contract, which truly impresses me to be part of the HWPL organization.” Since then, Principal Muhammad, who has been actively involved in HWPL's peace education so far, was convinced that his decision was right. The evidence for this was HWPL's peace education localized in Afghanistan and the students themselves who changed their thoughts and behaviors through this. “I have seen the student’s motivation that each student from the (HWPL's) peace education class”, said chief executive Muhammad and “they (students) felt responsible towards their family, school, and community as well as the future generation after them, which is amazing.” Asked what was the most worthwhile thing during the HWPL peace education, he said, “The student's hope and inspiration and a strong commitment to being the peace messengers and standing for peace in their small ages, and these ideas make me feel I should work for HWPL to accomplish their goal”. He said, “The student’s impression and their support were very impressive for HWPL education, and; indeed, it leads the HWPL team in Afghanistan to work hard and expand the network of peace in Afghanistan.” ◆Afghanistan of the chaos… “Promise to fulfill the peace with HWPL” Afghanistan is one of the countries in desperate need of peace in the world. The Taliban, an armed group that lost power, and the US invaded in 2001 to capture Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, took over Afghanistan completely 20 years after the withdrawal of US troops last year. As the regime and security situation changed, the country fell into chaos again, and terrorism and various incidents still continue to occur. Against this background, Principal Muhammad said that he felt more hopeful for HWPL's peace education. He said, “It seems difficult at the beginning because being a citizen of a country like Afghanistan which has been faced with war for almost a decade,” but it felt amazing to work with the HWPL peace organization for peace to (bring peace) and live in peace. Therefore, in the past, “it may seem impossible to bring peace in Afghanistan, but I promise that I work to make a peaceful environment for mukhtar students, so they could live their dreams”, he was determined. When asked about “the definition of peace”, chief executive Muhammad explained, “peace is the condition where everyone can feel the happiness from every single action in their life”, and “peace can be the freedom of every one's life to raise their voice, continue their education, and feel equal without any discrimination in the family, or the community.” In addition, he said I am expecting from HWPL organization to expand the network of peace in all countries across the globe, adding that he has not been able to attend HWPL's offline events due to COVID-19, but he hopes to participate in the event one day. Above all, he emphasized that he hoped one of the ultimate goals of the organization accomplishes to achieve global peace across the globe. “HWPL is the world's biggest peace organization that always stands to bring common peace to countries across the globe and end conflict and war. Chairman Lee of HWPL is one of the great men who came up with this creative idea to support world peace not only for his own country but for all countries across the globe. I highly appreciate his and HWPL's effort.” 한국어기사: [한국인 이만희 평화실화│HWPL 재조명&인터뷰 <17>] 아프간 교장 “HWPL의 학생 평화 동기부여, 놀라워”

[WARP] Reaction of International Reporters

80 Countries, 150 Press, 250 Foreign Reporters All Report Historical Site Fortunate to be able to cover this story at the start of the new era of peace The World Summit held on the 15th 54 national press companies and 60 national reporters attend. After the press conference, WARP Summit topped the search results at the main portal. An estimated 80 countries and 200 reporters from 100 international press, including CNN Arabic and US NBC, visited the scene. It is predicted internatioanl press will have a big role in the cessation of war and the achievement of world peace as described in the Peace Agreement during the WARP Summit. Mr. Lees idea is very moving Al Shouli from CBSP.fr, media that is actively covering the conflict in Palestine and throughout the Middle East. It is very important for all mankind that people, despite differences in religion, race, areas, and gender, have come together for the sole purpose of the cessation of war and world peace. he emphasized. The Warp Summit is the start of a new era of peace. I am fortunate to be able to physically be present to cover this story he added. In particular, peace must occur in the Korean peninsula. he mentioned and finished by said that I will spread this word of peace through every media outlet involved. Bob Dodson of the US NBC Todays Show said, Word of Mr. Lees activities was knownin the United States and people were involved in the Summit with great interest. He also said Mr. Lees message regarding the cessation of war and the start of peace to the presidents and heads of religious groups was very memorable. Kennedy, a reporter from Kenyas broadcast KBC said, It was a very meaningful event where politicians and religious leaders came together to sign the Peace Agreement. This Peace Agreement with play a huge role in the achievement of world peace. he added with hope. Reporter Elizabeth Kachin of Philippines broadcast PTV, who reported Chairman Lees greatest achievement to date, including peace among the people of Mindanao said, after the Peace Agreement set forth by Mr. Lee, the atmosphere of peace is slowly spreading throughout Mindanao. If it is with Mr. Lee, cessation of war and world peace will be fulfilled. she said.

[WARP] First Strides towards Peace Made at Peace Gate

Big Stride for Peaceful World 30,000 Gathered to March No more war, We want peace! The voices yearning for peace reverberated near the Peace Gate in Olympic Park, Seoul, on the morning of September 19th, the last day of World Alliance of Religions, Peace Summit. The place was packed with over 30,000 people, including political, religious, women and youth leaders as well as members of 650 youth group members from 139 countries. They shouted for peace and waived handmade banners which read Beginning of Peace, Start of Alliance of Religions, We are One and much more. Chairman Man Hee Lee voiced in his message, We have promised that religions will become one. Our hearts, thoughts, and even each word we speak will have to be used for making peace. We must deliver the message of peace to all the people around the world. The participants cheered and agreed to his message. Wasim Al-Masri, the Palestine representative of a youth group, said in his congratulatory message, Over 60 years of conflict between Palestinians and Israelis have created hopelessness, Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.Ivan, the Ukraine youth group representative continued, Unfortunately, we are having conflicts with our neighbor country Russia, but we do not want a war. Lets end wars in our generation and hand down precious peace. he added. Du Hyun Kim, the director of the International Peace Youth Group, emphasized in his message, Here are gathered the people with different ideologies and religions. If we truly want peace, we must gather as one. After three loud and cheerful shouts of Hurray, the peace walk kicked off. The brass band led the march, and a Korean traditional brass ensemble cheered even more. No participant seemed to care about the strong rays of sun while marching around the Peace Gate. I have realized the importance of life as a mother of a child. If we join our forces through the signing for peace and having a peace summit, peace will surely be achieved. I am certain of that right now. The moment the peace summit kicked off was moment peace has started. Muslim woman leader Ellie, mentioned. People across South Korea shared the heart for peace, thinking of the news on wars globally. Gwang Min Han from Jeju Island said, It is sad, there are wars taking place right at this moment. I hope the peace walk spreads farther so the world becomes a peaceful place without war, one day sooner. In May 2013, HWPL declared the Declaration of World Peace and held a peace walk at the same location with over 30,000 youths from 130 countries. This year, over 100,000 youths around the world have gathered for the 1st anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace.

[WARP] Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light holds ‘World Alliance of Religions, Peace Summit’

God, has existed for Today In one location, political and religious leaders became one heart after signing the Peace Agreement. A marvelous peace movement, An unprecedented event, Man-Hee Lee, the chairman of HWPL. Global family, Please rejoice! The world has only been suffering and death, chaosand war, but we have signed the agreement for the Alliance of Religions for World Peace! I would like to announce this great news. This is Peace. The new world of peace has been started! Has anyone thought about the following: gathering political, religious, youth, women, peace leaders from the all parts of the world to get together in one place, looking beyond their ethnicity, age, and gender. Chairman of HWPL, Mr. Lee who invited all these people to Seoul, Korea has announced it to be The year of peace to the world. From the 17th to 19th, WARP: World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit was held as a Peace Festival of 200,000 members including 2,000 leaders of political, religious, women, and youth groups from 20 different countries. Particularly, the political and religious leaders convened to discuss sustainable cessation of war and the world peace and signed the peace agreement. On the last day, at the Peace Gate of Olympic Park in Songa-goo, Seoul, 30,000 people from 650 youth groups from 140 countries participated in the Peace Walk shouting We want peace! The chairman Man-Hee Lee proclaimed God, the creator, has also been working for Today, for this event. Now, there needs to be unity in religion so not only religions are free from conflict, but also all of society and all creation. What great news! All the youth gathered and cheered together on the Korean Peninsula, which maintains to be the country with the longest ceasefire. ◆Researchers, Scholars, Politicians, No One Would Ever have Thought Mr. Lees peace movement has been going on for a long time. Mr. Lee, who has traveled the globe 14 times in the past 3 years, meeting with political and religious leaders and proposing to join together for ratification and implementation of international law for world peace, conducted the peace summit to actually achieve world peace through WARP. Former and present presidents of countries and religious leaders from around the world were touched by the genuine heart of Mr. Lee and displayed their determination to work together by signing the Peace Agreement in Seoul Yeouido 63 Building Convention Center Grand Ballroom on the 18th. HWPL is the strong light that guides us, Antonio Ledesma, the Archbishop of Mindanao, Philippines said. Like how Mr. Lee played the pivotal role inreconciling Islam with Christianity in Mindanao, we need to spread the heavenly culture around the world so the whole world can be in harmony. Emil Constantinescu, the former president of Romania, said, I was very impressed when I saw the heavenly culture that Mr. Lee directs. No one; researchers, scholars, politicians never thought about this. He stressed the need to promote heavenly culture so everyone learns about it. Tawakkol Karman, a Yemeni journalist and the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, said she has never witnessed any conference where this great number of people gathered for peace. She stated, It is essential to distribute Mr. Lees insights with all the non-governmental organizations so conferences like this can occur many more times. ◆Unity for Cessation of War and World Peace International journalists, broadcasts and media who have been reporting from the opening to the closing program, of WARP all agree that the event was very inspiring. Elizabeth Kachin,the reporter of Philippines national television station PTV, said I was truly fascinated that a Korean played the crucial part in resolving the conflict between two religious communities in the Philippine island of Mindanao, a conflict no one was ever able to tackle. All the people in Philippines who have watched the news were very fascinated. He said confidently that cessation of war and world peace will be definitely fulfilled if we work together with Mr. Lee. Khaled Al Shouli, CBSP reporter covering the Middle East including the Palestinian Gaza district, said Mr. Lees idea is inspiring. The fact that people who differ in all aspects: religion, race, country, gender, are gathered for the cessation of war and world peace. It is very important. I am very fortunate and honored to be here. This WARP event attracted the attention of people commencing with the opening ceremony on the 17th. 200,000 people who packed the inside and outside of the Olympic Stadium sent up rousing cheers upon hearing the guests congratulatory speeches and messages of peace. The card section composed of 12,000 individuals moving in unison: creatinga huge billboard producing touching messages of peace. Peace Arirang was world-class cultural performance adding to the festive atmosphere. Mr. Lee said the event was, An extraordinary command from heaven and foreign participants and international media representatives complemented the summit by stating it was an, unprecedented event.

[WARP] Seeing is Believing… Breath-Taking Scenery of Peace

Thousands of people gathered to display the emblem of HWPL on the grass field of Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul. The card section performance of 12,000 people displayed the phrase, We are One, expressing the united world through the heavenly culture which coincides with the theme of this opening event. The opening ceremony delivered the message that we can achieve peace when all religions come together as one without conflict, just as there is one will of the Creator. Painful and horrific scenes of war and the loss of family and friends were also depicted in images by the card section performance. Who benefits from war? followed and further raised awareness that war is not beneficial. The card section performance held the long phrases without fault and hesitation. They displayed the message of peace in Korean and English to the attendees and spectators. At sunset was the peace performance of Arirang. The card section displayed a moving flame of fire while the dancing artists robed with red Korean traditional clothing beautifully performed the Korean traditional folksong, Arirang. Arirang Arirang Aririyo/ cross over the pass, entering the new kingdom of peace/ Arirang Arirang Aririyo/ will live in the world of peace, forever more. From the darkness in Jamsil Stadium, tens of thousands of lights like stars shone from the spectators seats. The closing event was a parade where the organizers and VIPs stepped down to the stadium field, dancing in rhythm, joining the Korean traditional band. They united their hearts to achieve world peace.

[WARP] “Bringing an end to the corrupted Religion that brings war… and becoming one for peace”

If we truly want to fulfill world peace, we must first make religion into one Just as anyone would know, serious conflicts arise around the world because of religion. If there is a problem even a famous politician cant solve, it is a religious conflict. To put it into other words, the biggest stumbling block to world peace is the meaning of Religion. However, Chairman Man Hee Lee says because the nature of religion is peace, we must fulfill it. I declare peace. However, there are those whose declare war instead. This was said in concern because there are those who dont see the activities of the HWPL Chairman Lee leads in a positive light. Chairman Lee claims he wants peace even to a point he forgets about himself and is putting forth all his strength to run for it. From Chairman Lees words I hope even one word can be of help (to fulfilling peace), we can feel his earnestness. If one does not have the thoughts to fulfill something, there is no possibility of fulfilling it. His heart of the fact he will definitely fulfill peace, truly brings many results wherever he goes. What can we leave to our future generation? Isnt it peace? Shall we leave behind war, the tearing and killing of each other? with this proclamation, he has brought about the Peace treaty in the Island of Mindanao of Philippines. That is the region where the forces of Islam and Catholicism have fought, shedding blood. Chairman Lee has gathered many individuals to the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit. He declared that Religion must become one. The corrupted religion prevents peace, and becomes the reason war breaks out. Even during the speech at this event, he pointed out that it is a dishonor to God to create conflict with each other. And he mentioned the nature of Religion and said The true God does not bring about conflicts which kill people. He has appealed to the world of religion to Become one now because it has brought about conflicts, showing evidence of its corruption. With the religious leaders signing in the peace agreement, he has said that The world of peace, where there is no war or evil, will be fulfilled and Even the Creator God has worked for this day today. In other words, Peace is not his own idea, but it is the will of God in todays era, and he is only playing his role as an instrument. The total number of his voyages abroad until this World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit is fourteen. He has not stopped moving his feet to meet the leaders in foreign countries. The political and religious leaders who participated this event despite of their tight schedules are supporting the peace movements of Chairman Lee very enthusiastically. The solution for the peace that Chairman Lee speaks of is to make a clause about cessation of war in international law and to make the presidents of all countries sign this peace agreement. To achieve this goal, he has met current and former presidents as well as supreme justices and has been proclaiming that A clause about cessation of war must be made in international law. He said young adults who are born in the same world as us are being sacrificed at wars even before their lives begin to bloom. He strongly insisted UN, former presidents, and current heads of state must put the cessation of war in the international law and must sign on it. In addition, in January of this year, Chairman Lee played a major role in bringing an end to a forty-year conflict in the island of Mindanao in the south region of the Philippines and became the hottest topic, having the Philippines national broadcast station PTV and the biggest private broadcast Station ABS-CBN focused on him. The last month, He has been recognized for his merit for the peace movement and has received the award for World Peace Advocate award from the Chinese National Political Consultative Conference Vice Jang Mei Yeng at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

[WARP] Attendees Response “An Unprecedented Event Blessed by God”

This peace summit was truly an event blessed by God himself. I find Chairman Man-Hee Lees idea surprising and astounding. The reactions of the attendees of WARP (World Alliance of Religions: Peace Summit) were uniform. The summit is viewed as a historic event in which heads of state of more than 20 different countries and over 2,000 leaders from different religions and women, youth and peace organizations gathered for one purpose, the cessation of war and world peace. The audience expressed their amazement of the idea of an international agreement, the Unity of Religions and Peace Agreement brought forth by Chairman Lee. Former president of Croatia, Stipe Mesić (former president of Yugoslavia) remarked, This peace conference is truly a groundbreaking event. I have never seen so many presidents and religious leaders take part in one event for peace. He added, I find Chairman Lees idea very surprising and astonishing. I am confident that this event will have a constructive effect in achieving world peace and the cessation of war. Leader of the Islam faith, Edmond Briama said, All changes must start with someone. It is imperative that the delegates and religious leaders who have gathered here today for the cessation of war and world peace begin the international peace agreement. Furthermore, he added, what will bring all religions to come to a true alliance is something we all must pray and ask God for. Compliments of the arrangement and the discipline of the organization followed. Sahul Hameed Athambawa, president of a religious organization of Sri Lanka, said, I attended many conferences including those in Austria and Norway. However, this is the first that I have seen such a well systemized conference. He added that the opening ceremony, which gathered over 20,000 people was when there was true transcendence of all races, nations and religions and expressed that he was truly happy to take part in the event. The genuineness and coordination of the host of the event is seen to have contributed to the attendees views of South Korea. The president of the Brazilian Protestant Pastors Organization, Antonio Sadi Bazinail, stated, I began to respect Chairwoman Kim and Chairman Lee when I witnessed the true concern they had in achieving world peace. Before coming here, I did not know about South Korea, however, seeing their respect for foreign guests and diligence made me see how great South Korea has become. When the question was asked, Would true alliance of religions be made possible after the conference? most religious leaders answered, it is a must. Representative of Sikhism, Sung Saheev Giani answered, The sacred scriptures of all religions show that the alliance must happen. It is not the religious leaders who speak of division and conflict but the political leaders. He further added, This conference was an event blessed by God in order to achieve peace.

[WARP] ‘One Voice’ Shouting for Peace

No religion, race, or thought could extinguish the fervor of the attendees. The amazement came from the fact that all people could be gathered in unity for one purpose: the fulfillment of peace. (The attendees) expressed their confidence that peace would be made possible after seeing the world peace summit. The following content gathers the voices of the guest speakers who shout in unison, Now is the time for the Alliance of all Religions and achievement of peace. ◆Emil Constantinescu Former President of Romania/ President of ICD I am greatly moved by the heavenly culture, all must learn from what was never thought of For global security, we must have a new culture. We must have a tool to promote dialogue and build up mutual trust within our community. I was greatly moved by the heavenly culture that aims to create a new culture of peace. This a something which no researcher, scholar or delegate could ever even think. This tool is what must be taught and shared to all. For this reason a leader must be selected, all must listen to his voice, and spread the news. ◆Antonio Ledesma Archbishop of Mindanao, Philippines The Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light is a great light which will enable us to unite. We must spread the heavenly culture to the world The Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light is a strong light that guides us. This organization allowed us to gather in one purpose transcending all religions, thoughts, races, cultures, societies, and economics. Just as Chairman Lee came to Mindanao, the rest of the world must also work together through the heavenly culture. Heavenly culture must begin with us. ◆Tawakkol Karman - Nobel Peace Prize Winner We as believers of one creator must have the same faith The root of conflict and war do not necessarily stem from religion itself, however, from the extremists and misinterpretations of ones own religion. If we truly love peace, just as Chairman Lee has mentioned, we must all have the same faith. We all believe in the same God. This was the first time in my life since I have seen such an immense conference. I request for Chairman Lees insightful plans to be shared even more with other non-governmental organizations so more conferences like this one will be held in the future. ◆Kgalema Motlanthe Former President of South Africa The international conference of alliance of religions, great opportunity for all souls to unite. Through dialogue, promoted by the peace conference, mutual understandings will be enhanced. In order for peace to be achieved, dialogue is needed, and only when separation of all religions no longer exists, peace can be achieved. One must be aware that the cause of societal conflicts and many other issues stem from religion. However, the international summit of Alliance of Religions is a great opportunity for all souls to unite together. ◆Stipe Mesić - Former President of Croatia Religious leaders must come together not for their own thoughts or authority but to spread peace and security The international conference was a great opportunity for people to come together in dialogue and unify all thoughts in going against war and promoting peace. Religious leaders must not work for their own thoughts or authority but for peace and security. ◆Gaudencio Rojalles - Cardinal of Manila, Philippines The most important goal in the history of humanity: world peace The reason why we have gathered together in this World Alliance of Religions Peace summit is to achieve peace. Peace is in our hands. The greatest goal a person can have is fulfilling peace, it is what is most important in the history of humanity. However, peace cannot be achieved in absence of love. We must first love one another (within religion) just as the word of God. ◆Bertie Ahern- Former Taoiseach of Ireland Although we can speak of peace with our words, it is difficult to take action. The fact that many religious leaders have gathered together in discussion of peace shows that this conference was an exceptional event. HWPL is rightfully merited for their efforts. Although many can speak of peace, it is difficult to take action. However, it is made possible when all overcome the boundaries made by race, religion, ethnicity and ones own thoughts. ◆Singh Sahib Giani Gurbachan Sigh Head Granthi (Priest) of Golden Temple Education must be given to surpass the boundaries of religion, culture, and conflict and differences within religions Some people use religion as a tool for politics or terror. This is not to be accepted, and we cannot make a world around a culture of disputes. Any mechanism that arouses persecution against any nation or religion must come to an end. All religious leaders must give education which will help to pass over the boundaries made within religions.

[WARP] “Let Us Achieve the Cessation of War and World Peace and Leave it As A ‘Legacy for All Generations’”

12 representative religious leaders(Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.) sign the agreement Our religious representatives and leaders are born in this era as workers for the cessation of world wars and for peace. Following the will of the Creator God, let us achieve the cessation of war and world peace and leave it as a legacy for all generations. Through the unity of religions, all religions will be one under God. Leaders of each religion from all over the world gathered in one place for the cessation of war and for world peace. It was a historic moment when they pledged that with the unity of religions, they would become one under God. The World Alliance of Religions Peace Agreement ceremony on the 18th at the 63 Building Convention Center Grand Ballroom decisively displayed the importance of the role of the heads of states and religious leaders in laying the cornerstone of world peace. Representative Man Hee Lee, as a veteran of the 6/25 Korean War, experienced firsthand and knows very well the atrocities of war. Therefore, despite being 84, Representative Lee has went around the world 14 times meeting with heads of states and religious leaders, appealing to gather their hearts as one for the cessation of war. The heads of states and religious leaders who were touched by the earnestness of Representative Lee decided to work together with him by signing the peace agreement on this day. Representative Lee stated, The time has now come for the religious leaders to truly work for something eternal. The work of unifying religions is for the cessation of war and for world peace. He also said, This is the work that the Creator God wantsthe passing of a corrupted era, and the beginning of an eternal peaceful world that God is with. With that, he requested that they be the foundation of the new era, the world of peace that God will reign over. On this day of the peace agreement ceremony, there was the signing of the Agreement to Propose the Enactment of An International Law and the Unity of Religion Agreement. The Agreement to Propose the Enactment of An International Law is for the former presidents of each country as well as the supreme justices and the UN to establish the international law for the cessation of war and for world peace. The essential point is for current presidents to sign the established law for their nation, their people and for peace. The content of the Unity of Religion Agreement is, just as it states, pledging to join hands in the work of unifying the religions for the cessation of war and for world peace. This agreement is done before God, the people of the world and in front of the messenger of peace. The World Alliance of Religions Peace Agreement ceremony was joined by two people from the Episcopal Church as well as from Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Shia Islam, Sunni Islam, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Candombl, Jainism, Bah' Faith11 religions and 12 representative leaders. Following that, former and current presidents, representatives of each organization, people of the religious world and over 2,000 people signed the peace agreement, joining the peace movement of HWPL for the cessation of war and for world peace.